How to Boost the Efficiency of Your Heating System

May 7 2020

James Patten


While a lot of people are now working from home, this isn’t the case for everyone. For those who still need to go to the office or the factory floor, for instance, having a reliable heating system in place is crucial. It’s not as difficult to improve its efficiency as you may think so, in this article, we’re taking a look at several ways you can boost it.

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Regular Maintenance Throughout the Year

By putting your heating system through regular maintenance, you can ensure it is functioning well and can also improve its performance. This maintenance is, therefore, vital in industrial and commercial settings, whether you’re heating a warehouse, a factory floor or a garage, for example.

Having regular maintenance also means that you can solve problems as soon as they appear – or even solve potential issues before they become a problem. By doing this, you can prevent downtime as well. Among others, issues can arise due to things like accumulation of dust, overexertion of the system and normal wear and tear of parts.

Ensure Heat Doesn’t Escape

Preventing or limiting heat loss is another way to boost the efficiency of your heating system. In order to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level while keeping heat inside, it’s important to make sure that the space is insulated, such as adding roof insulation or double-glazed windows. You also want to close any openings and keep doors closed to prevent heat from escaping.

To reduce heat loss, having an efficient system in place is also important. When you’re choosing one for your property, make sure you do your research and select the right one for your space – commercial radiant heating, for instance, doesn’t heat air, but the objects and people around it, so heat loss is minimal.

This also means, of course, that you can save more on electric bills.

Replace an Outdated Heating System

If you your current system is old, you may want to look into replacing it with a newer model. This is because new heating systems tend to be more energy-efficient as a default (and when compared to systems that are several years old). If you’re unsure whether you should upgrade your system – or which product to choose – we can help.

Heritage Heating specialise in industrial heating and, therefore, have many years of experience delivering efficient systems, so we can not only supply you with the best in the market, but we can also answer any questions you have about them.

Avoid Incorrect Use of Your Heating System

If you already have a good heating system but want to improve its efficiency, then ensure that it’s being used properly. You don’t want to set a temperature that is too high, especially when the most acceptable temperature tends to be between 18oC to 22oC; going above this is not only a waste of energy but it will make your employees uncomfortable too – and decrease their productivity.

This will also depend on the facility you have; the temperature of an office will be different than the temperature of a sports hall or hospital, for instance, so keep this in mind as well. As mentioned, cut down the number of times doors and windows are opened to minimise heat loss. In addition, if a space is very small or is partially occupied, you may not need to set a higher temperature either.

Change the Filter

Another thing you can do is to change the air filter of your heating system. Filters accumulate dirt and dust easily, which means they can end up getting clogged. If this happens, your system won’t be functioning optimally – on the contrary, it will probably be running slower or harder, which will increase your energy bills and result in premature wear and tear of the system. The air quality of the space will also suffer.

Follow Instructions

Your heating system comes with some ‘dos’ and don’ts’ and should be followed if you want to maximise its efficiency. For example, if a system is designed for ducted applications, you don’t want to use it as a heater in an open space; likewise, if the system is supposed to be mounted on the wall, you shouldn’t try to get it installed on the ceiling.

Select the Right Option

With so many different heating systems at your disposal, we understand it can be challenging to pick the right one for you. As an example, our units are available in several fuel and electrical output options, which means you are able to select the one that will suit your application the best – but, if you’re not entirely sure what your building requires, you may end up making the wrong decision.

You don’t have to worry, however, as Heritage Heating can help you with this process. From industrial gas heaters to office air conditioning, we’ll work with you to pick the most energy-efficient solution for your property.

Whether or not your business is still open, it’s crucial to start preparing for when lockdown measures ease up so, if you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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