How Often Should You Have Your Warm Air Heating System Maintained?

October 17 2018

James Patten


Fixing up your heating is the last thing you want to be worrying about in winter. What you definitely don’t want is your heating failing and turning your office into a freezer that your employees want to escape. Don’t get caught out by the upcoming cold weather; make sure that your warm air heater gets the maintenance it needs to stay healthy through the Holidays.

The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Heating

In February 2014, a malfunctioning heater on Long Island, New York, caused one death and the illnesses of others. The gas heater leaked fatal carbon monoxide gas into a shopping mall. Carbon monoxide has no odour and no taste, so you are unlikely to know if it’s poisoning you or your building.

One of the most important reasons for routine maintenance is to check the performance of air filters. If your filters are dirty the warm air coming through them will also be dirty, which could be a factor of illness in the office. Air filters have a number called the MERV number, which is how you can tell the quality of the filter, with 1 being the worst and 12 being the best possible.

Carrying out regular heating maintenance should ensure that your heater’s pipes stay in tip-top condition, and without it, you may be voiding the Manufacturer’s Warranty for Neglect of Furnace.

How is My Heating Serviced?

At Heritage Heating, we can provide you with nationwide coverage, so wherever your business is in Britain, we’ve got your heating needs covered. Our team are all qualified gas safe registered engineers, so you can feel secure in the quality of your servicing. We will endevour to conduct your industrial heating system repairs as quickly as possible to ensure that we cause minimum disruption to your working environment. You can also be assured that our services are as discreet as possible, allowing you the peace of mind that comes from being sure that everything is fully operational without the hassle of shutting down your system for an extensive length of time.

How do I Know if My Heater Needs Servicing?

You should service your warehouse heating system at least once a year, not only to prevent potential accidents arising from gas leaks but also to ensure that the heater lasts for a long time. By servicing your heater frequently, you will also be minimising the cost of breakdown repairs, because the engineer carrying out your maintenance will hopefully spot and repair any burgeoning problems before they become a problem which affects the whole heater.

Regular maintenance will also provide you with the foresight of knowing when your heater is on its last legs, and when you should be thinking about replacing it. This means that you shouldn’t be taken by surprise by a broken heater, because you’ll already be in the process of sourcing a new one for your home before it breaks. If you’re looking for a new heater, Heritage Heating and Cooling can provide you with the best advice to fit your needs, whether that’s eco-friendly, energy-efficient or energy-saving.

Man Maintaining Warm Air Heating

The Cost of Good Service

At Heritage Heating we have four different packages; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Plus. The package that you will be looking to buy will depend on your requirements and budget. Large businesses, for example, might be more interested in the top tier – Gold Plus – service which supplies an Engineer within twelve hours of a fault being reported. This will ensure that their business loses less of their staff’s time when a heating problem does arise. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, might be better suited to the Bronze Service, which provides an annual service check and breakdown cover at a cheaper price. There is also the option to pay per visit.

Although it’s important to service all heaters, but it is especially important to service older heaters. If you have an old heater in use that hasn’t been serviced yet, now is the time for you to get into the habit of protecting your property or business by taking out an annual service plan with Heritage Heating.

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