How Important Is Heating in the Office?

November 24 2016

James Patten


As the temperature around the country starts to drop, the demand for warm environments goes up. Keeping an office warm and well-heated for your employees should be at the top of your list of priorities for a number of reasons, aside from simply trying to make your workplace a more comfortable place to be.

Whether you have a dedicated heating system for your office or an air conditioner – yes, these can double up as a heater, too – there are plenty of reasons why you should try and keep your staff comfortably warm, these reasons can ultimately benefit your company, too.

Helping Your Workforce Stay Productive

We’re sure you’re aware from personal experience, that when you feel cold, it can be difficult to remain motivated. However, this can also work for the converse temperature; if the working atmosphere is too hot, it can make people feel sleepy, if the temperature is too cold, employees are more likely to want to focus on simply warming up, remaining stationary rather than shuffling around a cold office.

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This is why it is essential to try and maintain a comfortable temperature in your office environment; to keep your staff feeling productive rather than wanting to just sit by a heater all day. This can be achieved by installing the right temperature control solution for your workplace to assist in creating a comfortable, and ultimately productive, atmosphere to work in.

What Should the Temperature Be?

The answer? It’s down to the individual.

While one temperature may be more comfortable for one person, for another it may still be too cold, or even a little too warm. When we talk about the perfect office temperature, it’s about finding the balance for all employees.

In the UK, the Approved Code of Practice states that a workplace should be no cooler than 16°C and if your work requires you to use physical effort such as heavy lifting, the temperature should ideally not drop below 13°C.

A workplace is expected to maintain these temperatures, and try and adapt to the rise and fall of temperatures throughout the year in the most appropriate way specific to your workplace environment. It is also expected that the workplace is provided with clean air – something that most HVAC systems can easily provide.

What Can You Do?

As a workplace provider, it is your job to ensure that you have the right temperature control solution in place to keep your employees comfortable and healthy.

This means installing a solution which can create the ideal working temperature, which can be adapted throughout the year to meet any heating or cooling need you may have. If you have a system installed already, it’s important that you have it regularly maintained so that you know it works and can continue providing clean air to your workplace while staying efficient.

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If you are struggling to find the perfect HVAC system for your workplace and need some help choosing a suitable solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heritage Heating & Cooling today. Our team will be more than happy to help you with their enquiry.

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