Houston, We Have a Problem – Winter Heating Malfunctions

January 20 2015

James Patten


At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we supply warm air heating so your industrial or commercial premise can remain comfortable throughout the winter months, and there are good reasons behind us doing that. Not only will your staff be less efficient in colder temperatures, but there’s even the chance that you’ll have to close your building completely if things get too chilly. Over the last month, a good few establishments have been caught out, and here are a few that we’ve come across…

Darley Churchtown School

Just yesterday, a primary school in Darley Dale was advised to temporarily close because of a heating failure. Parents were notified, and children were removed until the problem could be solved. Whatever your business is, closing is an inconvenience…but when so many children are involved??? We dread to think about how much chaos this caused. At least the kids would’ve been happy.

Althorpe and Keadby Primary School

Darley Churchtown School isn’t the only culprit though, as a lack of heating at Althorpe and Keadby School similarly forced a closure on the exact same day. Obviously, yesterday must have been a bit nippy, but, even though the problem wasn’t a long-term issue, you’d still rather it didn’t happen.

Glasgow Southern General Hospital

It’s not only schools that have had heating complaints, as a major hospital in Glasgow was feeling the cold just a few days ago. This dearth of heating also went on for a grand total of six days, which is a long time for sick patients to be huddled up in blankets. Although there’s some truth in the fact that germs breed in hot conditions, the cold does nobody’s immune system any real good, so this is a situation that could have been a big problem. Good job they had some mobile heaters on hand.

As you can see, a fair few establishments have been caught out by the cold weather of late, and although resorting to makeshift heaters and blankets does work to an extent, it’s far more advisable that your heating systems should be both up to the job, and also properly maintained. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we can meet your requirements in both of these areas, so be sure to contact our friendly team by calling 01509 814 123 or email info@heritageheatingandcooling.co.uk today.

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