Heating Large Spaces Cost Effectively

September 8 2014

James Patten


Cost is a serious factor to consider when heating a warehouse or any large industrial space. It’s not easy to keep large open spaces warm, especially cost effectively; huge amounts of floor space measured in the 1,000’s of square metres and very high ceilings are not exactly conducive to retention of heat. However, when there are people working in these warehouses they must be heated to comply with legislation concerning appropriate workplace temperature. This is especially true during the winter months, when large un-insulated buildings can become extremely cold.

Furthermore, with the cost of energy increasing, seemingly without end, heating is a serious expenditure for any company, more so for those with large open spaces to worry about. Therefore, taking every possible measure to improve the efficiency of heating and preventing heat loss is essential for any business concerned about unnecessary expenditure. You can save your company quite a significant amount of money by being savvy about your warehouse heating.

Identifying Your Heating Requirements

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to heating a warehouse, as there’s plenty of extenuating factors to take into consideration. For example, loading bays are going to let warm air escape, it’s unavoidable. Is negative air pressure causing irritating drafts?

Issues like this will need to be considered when choosing the placement of heating, and more importantly, the type of heating that’s appropriate for your warehouse. Making the wrong choices can end up being costly, so it is often wise to consult an expert when selecting industrial heating and ventilation solutions.

An expert can guide you through steps that may never even have occurred to you;

  • How to heat loading bays? Does this temperature need to be maintained?
  • Is spot heating required, or does the whole warehouse need a balanced temperature?
  • Are there requirements for air quality? Will vehicle exhausts (eg: forklifts) be present?
  • Are there requirements for noise levels?
  • Is space at a premium, do the heaters need to be ceiling or wall mounted?

Is Gas the Way to Go?

Due to their sheer cost effectiveness, gas heating systems are typically the type that are often found in warehouses. On occasion oil or electric heating solutions will be utilised for specialised applications, or if for some reason a gas supply is not available to the building. This is definitely the best solution in warehouses where an ambient temperature must be maintained throughout.

Spot Heaters for Localised Heating

Radiant heaters that use infrared technology are a great solution for spaces that require spot heating, for example in areas where workers congregate. If there’s vast stretches of warehouse that are entirely unmanned, then heating these areas unnecessarily will be costly, so keeping the heat where it’s required is a better solution.

All Large Buildings Require Specialised Heating Solutions

It isn’t just warehouses where these difficulties and complications surrounding heating solutions arise. Any large building with a great deal of floor space will probably face the same issues. For example, large supermarkets, which in many ways are quite similar to a warehouse in their construction, need to maintain an ambient temperature throughout that is pleasant for employees and shoppers. What about the huge distribution centres that supply said supermarkets? They face many of the same heating issues too.

If you require further information about industrial heating solutions for your business’s warehouse or large industrial buildings then please do not hesitate to contact Heritage Heating & Cooling Ltd. We are experts in this field and will be able to provide you with valuable impartial advice with regards to the most cost effective heating systems that meet your specific requirements. Feel free to call us on 01509 814690. We’re always happy to talk about heating!

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