Fun Weather Facts

January 5 2015

James Patten


There’s no denying that the winter weather, can be a little bleak and dreary. However here we take a quick look at some rather interesting facts about winter weather, to help keep you entertained through the winter season.

Snowflakes Are Unique

Snowflakes are perhaps one of more appealing aspects of winter weather. And it might surprise you to learn that, in addition to being rather beautiful, all snowflakes are in fact unique, and no two are alike. All snowflakes start off life as ice crystals, which freeze around tiny specks of dust or pollen. The pattern, in which this occurs, is dependent upon a series of physical interactions, and differences in factors such as temperature, and humidity, can give rise to an infinite variety of snowflake shapes. Interestingly, the largest snowflake ever recorded also stands at a rather impressive 38 cm wide and 20cm thick.

Coldest Temperature

The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth, was an eye wateringly cold -94.7C. This figure was recorded in 2010, in Antarctica, using a satellite, and smashed the previous record of -73C.

The Little Ice Age

Whilst there’s no denying we have experienced some pretty cold winters here in the UK, in recent years, these have been relatively mild compared to earlier centuries. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the UK was hit with a series of very cold winters. Indeed, this period was even given the name, the ‘little ice age’, and witnessed a number of freak weather occurrences. For example, during this period, the River Thames in London froze over on a number of occasions.

Why Is Ice Slippery?

One of the greatest weather hazards during winter has got to be ice. However, despite over a century of scientific research, we’re yet to solve the puzzle of why ice is in fact slippery. Whilst it’s clear, that a thin layer of water, which lies on the surface of solid ice, probably plays a key role, it remains a mystery as to why ice has such as layer in the first place. Consequently, ice remains a rather mysterious substance to the scientific community.

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