Feeling The Cold Already? Consider Your Options Before Turning on Your Central Heating (Part 1)

September 24 2015

James Patten


As we head towards the end of September, it’s getting harder to avoid the reality that summer is definitely over. The temperature has dropped outside and inside your house, making it almost impossible to get up in the morning.

Whilst your Powermatic heater is nicely warming up the office, you’re desperately trying to avoid switching on that central heating back at home.

Whilst you sit around in your extra layers of clothing, you might want to consider doing the following as well.

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Keep Your Bathroom & Kitchen Doors Open

Open doors = letting the cold in. That’s what we all think and it’s this that leads us to closing and locking every door in the house during the colder months – to keep the heat in obviously. Whilst closing your doors will keep your home toastier, there are certain doors that would benefit from being left open. This includes your bathroom and kitchen. After a hot bath or shower, you should leave the door open so that the heat and steam can work itself around your home.

When it comes to your kitchen, after you’ve been cooking, you should leave the door open. This will have the same effect as leaving your bathroom door open.

Draw The Curtains

Simple yet very effective. If you have a thick pair of curtains, you can retain heat by keeping them drawn in the evenings. When you’re feeling the chill, closing your curtains will insulate your windows from the cold outside, as well as trap the heat inside.

Have you thought about hanging a curtain in front of your doors that lead outside? This can also protect your house from the cold every time it opens.

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Buy a Rug

Wooden floors can look a lot more modern than carpets and give your house a stylish edge. Unfortunately, they aren’t so brilliant in winter. Much like a bucket with a hole in it, your floors cause heat to escape rather quickly – leaving you feeling a lot cooler.

If you don’t want to take up all your floors in favour of carpets (this applies to most of you), we recommend buying a rug or two. It will help stop heat escaping and it will feel brilliant on your feet on the cold mornings!

We hope that you’re able to avoid using the central heating for a little longer by following our top tips! You’ll be forced to turn it on eventually, but you can attempt to save money in the meantime.

Keep checking back for the second part to this series, as we have even more tips for you to consider!

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Whilst you worry about keeping warm in the house, let us worry about keeping you warm in the workplace. Heritage Heating and Cooling Ltd specialise in industrial and commercial heating and air conditioning, providing you with an efficient and comfortable working environment.

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