False Alarm: When Your Heater Appears To Be Broken

November 19 2015

James Patten


When it comes to providing everything from reliable commercial air conditioning to warm air heating, our team at Heritage Heating are the go to guys. We care so much about the condition and effectiveness of your heating that we even offer an AC maintenance service, alongside our fact-packed blog.

With winter on the way and autumn firmly upon us, we think it’s important to address some of the common false alarms that can occur throughout winter. These false alarms are things that we find often concern people upon first sight, where in reality they are just the consequences of your machine working fully and correctly.

Leaking Water

During winter, air conditioning units can appear to be leaking water. When people see the water leaking from their outdoor condenser, it is natural for them to assume that there is an issue with the heating unit. When the unit is covered in snow and ice and the heater is on, logically it makes sense that this heat would have a melting effect, hence the leaking water! However, this is an issue that may need to be addressed if the condenser is located over a public footpath, as this could ultimately turn into a slipping hazard.


Excess Noise

In winter you’re probably going to find that you crank your heating up to eleven.  So naturally, when the weather is cooler, your heater is likely to need to work that extra bit harder to keep its owner appeased; therefore you can expect to hear a little bit of extra noise. If however you hear it being overtly excessive and noisy, you’re probably best to give our guys a bell!

“Stopped” Working

When your unit is running in heating mode, sometimes you can actually expect it to stop “working”; and by working we actually mean producing heat. At this point your system is in defrost mode which helps your unit combat ice and frost that can lurk around the condenser coil, if it doesn’t take this measure. If of course it simply doesn’t turn back on, then give one our guys a call; however it is best to wait to see if it comes back alive prior to making that call, if only for your own embarrassment!

If you find that your unit is under performing, there is no sense in suffering in silence, you can always give our friendly team of heating professionals a call. There are numerous things even the most insignificant change could be, so don’t worry about getting in touch. You can contact us on 01509 814 123, where we are always eager to get your unit working efficiently – particularly with winter on its way!

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