Ensuring Efficiency in your Heating and Cooling

July 24 2014

James Patten


Here in Britain, we have a changeable climate; right now we may be sweltering in the heat and running our air conditioning at maximum levels, but in a few months’ time we may well be wondering how early you can turn the heating back on. With energy bills forming a large part of your business budget, it’s important to ensure that both your heating and cooling system work to their maximum efficiency.

Maintenance is a Must

Like any kind of industrial system, it’s vital that you ensure your heating and air conditioning systems are properly maintained. Over time, parts can wear and tear, and performance can be downgraded even before a full-scale fault occurs. Regular maintenance will identify these issues before they become a problem, allowing you to keep your heating and cooling systems in peak condition.

Watch the Windows

Windows are one of the biggest causes of wasted energy; if a window is opened while your heating is running, then you are losing a lot of energy straight out of that window. In summer, it may be tempting to open windows for some fresh air, but if you’re using your air conditioning at the same time then you may effectively be pulling in more warm air for the air conditioning system to treat, making it work harder and use more energy for the same results.

Get the Right System & Settings

It’s important to get the right system for your particular needs; what works in an office will not have the same effect in a warehouse or factory environment. You need to take into account all the different aspects of your business needs, and consider the way that the temperature changes throughout the day, in order to find the right solution. Once your systems are installed, you also need to get the right settings for maximum efficiency. For example, if you have workers on site around the clock, there may be times that you need to have air conditioning running through most of the day and heating running through most of the night.

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