Eco-Friendly Tips For Keeping Warm This Autumn

November 4 2015

James Patten


At Heritage Heating, our industrial heating engineers love knowing that we’ve done a good job; if you’re comfortable and warm, then we’re happy! When it comes to autumn and winter, it isn’t all about cranking the heat up to 11 and hibernating until the sun decides to show his pretty face again, there are certain eco-friendly tricks you can be incorporating to help boost the heat and tackle that pesky chill.

Insulating Curtains

Throughout winter it can literally pay to install curtains which offer a little more insulation than the norm. Even with double glazing, which can of course help to trap the heat, these insulating curtains will help you save a penny or three keeping the heat where you want it; inside your house!

Draught Excluders

The problem with autumn and winter is that there is a wee chill that likes to creep its way in under your doors. Similarly, heat likes to escape your house through these gaps and can increase your heating bill fairly substantially. Just through laying down a draught excluder, you can expect to feel the benefit of the heat; this wonderful invention is pretty cheap and fairly easy to find, so they’re certainly worth the investment.

Letterbox Insulation

In the same way you can lose heat through the gaps under your door, keyholes and letterboxes like to let heat out. Show the cold the door through installing an eco-flap to prevent the heat from escaping through your doorway. What may appear like a small gap can let out a substantial amount of heat and create a nasty draught, so through insulating your door you can be saving yourself a fair amount on your energy bills.

Cover Floorboards

We love the look of bare floorboards… but so does the cold. Whilst hot air rises, it can still make a run for the gap between your floor boards, so try covering them up. Laying down a rug across your floorboards can help to reduce the chill you feel underfoot as well as preventing the warm air from making a getaway through the gaps in your bare floorboards.

Give these little tricks a go and see if you feel the difference; we bet you do! If you are struggling with the chilly weather and are yet to grab yourself a heater, then what are you playing at? Get in touch with our friendly team over at Heritage Heating! You can contact us on 01509 814690, where we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to give you your warmest winter on record!

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