Does Summer Always Mean Keeping it Cool?

May 26 2017

James Patten


When it comes to summer, most people think that everything needs to be kept cool, especially in industrial environments and warehouses. However, not all environments need to be cooler. Other temperatures are more appropriate for certain environments, so don’t go setting your air conditioner on as soon as the weather picks up. Whatsmore, in countries like Britain, our weather is unpredictable and not all summer days will be warm and sunny, requiring some warm air heating and the maintenance of such.

The government’s regulations state that employers must ensure correct and reasonable temperature always, and in an accompanying code suggest a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius. Unless the work involves plenty of physical activity then the temperature can drop to 13 degrees Celsius. This also may differ due to the nature of the environment.


Productivity of Workers

Employee productivity could strongly decrease if the temperature is too cool in a working environment. Whether an office space or a warehouse working space, ambient temperatures when comfortable can increase the morale, productivity and attitude of workers in any industry. Whether the temperature would be concerned with operations itself may not be an issue but, when it comes to employees, keep the atmosphere controlled and as near to room temperature as possible. If the situation calls for cooler temperatures then make sure the staff have the correct clothing and tools to carry out their job efficiently without disturbing protocol.


Storage of Vehicles

In a warehouse or space that stores any vehicles, heat can make a difference as factors of humidity and water can create issues of rust. Many professionals in this industry tend to keep humidity levels below 50% to stop rust. However, there are other complications. Try heating the room to approximately 20 degrees Celsius, as the higher the temperature the less water has an affinity to condense into a liquid. Consider any windows and possible condensation to achieve a perfect temperature in a vehicle storage facility.

Pharmaceuticals and Substances

Many chemicals and substances, especially medicinal products, should never get too cold. Poor or incorrect storage of certain chemicals can cause reactions between incompatible materials and can even cause harm, possible fires and explosions. Make sure you have an expert on hand who knows the substances and their necessary temperature. Make sure all substances are also labelled correctly in their correct environment and separated from possible reactive chemicals. It is important that these standards are never dropped and by welcoming warm air heating maintenance, you can keep on top of any potential current and future issues that may compromise such.


Food Storage

When one thinks of food storage, you may automatically think of meat storage and keeping it cool. Not all foods need to be kept in a cool climate, as some need a warmer environment. Depending on what type of food you are storing, the temperature can affect its condition. Some fruits shouldn’t be kept at cool temperatures and the same goes for some vegetables. Do your research before committing to a certain storage and temperature.


Certain machinery such as conveyors need to be maintained as operational during hot summer periods. It is important to control the effects of the heat, as friction leads to heat and in conveyor systems there are many friction points. Other types of machinery may call for certain cooler temperatures as certain pumps and parts within machinery, especially containing fluids or chemicals, could alter its working mechanism.


If you would like to know any more information about what temperature your workspace would benefit from, and how you can use your industrial heating or air conditioning unit practically to the environment’s advantage, we would be happy to discuss our products and services in more detail.


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