Did You Know? 5 More Facts About Air Conditioners

July 5 2016

James Patten


The easiest way of beating the summer heat, besides lying in a pool of ice, is to turn on the air conditioning. Enjoying this cooling down marvel is a relatively recent privilege. We have previously given you four facts you probably didn’t know about air conditioning, and here are five more about its origins that you might not be aware of either.

Better Catch a Film!

Do you love going to the cinema? In 1911, the Folies Bergère theatre in New York City was the first to install an air conditioning system. At the time, this technology was ground-breaking and the Folies Bergère opened the way for other theatres to do the same.

Life Saving Technology

Air conditioning helps prevent overheating during the warmer months. Many people are more vulnerable in the summer, either because of their age or due to existing illnesses. With air conditioners, people can take refuge from the summer heat and lower their temperature.

Freedom of Home Design

Homes used to be built with a design that ensured proper ventilation of air: high ceilings were the norm to allow the air to pass freely and cool down both the home and its inhabitants. With the development of air conditioning, home design changed dramatically. Any design is possible with this technology, as we no longer rely on circulating air to cool down our homes.

Perfect for those Long Trips

Can you imagine driving for three hours in the summer with no air conditioning? Before 1939, that’s exactly what happened! Packard Motor Company was the first manufacturer to include air conditioning in the car, ensuring no one had to drive in an overheated car ever again.

Before Air Conditioning

In the 1880s, air spinning devices began showing up in homes. Electric fans don’t cool the air effectively, but the wind they create helps to evaporate the sweat from your skin and lower your body temperature. These fans came long before air conditioning and they are still an important part in the units.

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