Cost Factors of Warm Air Heating this Winter

December 15 2017

James Patten


Winter can seem a like a very expensive and daunting time of the year for any business, especially those who heavily rely on a source of heating. It’s such an important factor during the colder season to ensure businesses and employees are kept warm throughout, ensuring heating is at an appropriate standard.

Warehouse heating and industrial heating, in general, becomes slightly daunting in colder times, and there are several cost factors of warm air heating within the winter months. Here at Heritage Heating & Cooling, we have the solutions for your business.


The Cost Factors

With heating, there are several costs which contribute to providing an effective heating system for your business, and you want to know where your money goes. One of these contributing factors is the efficiency of your heating system. Whether new or used, you want to ensure your heating system is up to the standard to provide reliable heating throughout the colder months.

Frequent system maintenance is a cost-effective method which can contribute to extending the life of your unit, which in turn maximises its efficiency. With an efficient heating system, it will quickly pay for itself in energy savings and repair costs.

Our warm air heating systems come with a 2-year parts warranty and a 10-year time-related warranty on the heat exchanger, helping you and your business save money this winter.

Save Money With Our Heating Products

Businesses look for the most cost-effective ways to find results, and you can save money with our products at this time of the year. We have numerous heating products available to achieve warmer results for your business this winter.

Our Warm Air Heating Systems provide the ideal solution for heating your business. Our Powrmatic NVs Suspended Condensing Gas Unit offers a reduced fuel usage compared to other models and is available in four different outputs (30kw, 60kw, 90kw and 140kw).

Our Benson VRC Suspended Gas Unit is suitable for room sealed or conventional power flue applications and is available in outputs which range from 12kw to 144kw. Coming with standard, Hi-Lo or modulating burner options, it is designed for ducted applications and fitted with a centrifugal fan.

Our Powrmatic NVx Duo Bi-Directional Gas Unit offers a Bi-Directional Unit allowing heat distribution in opposing directions, whilst also offering efficiency levels which meet or exceed current building regulations.

At Heritage Heating & Cooling, we understand that different companies have different needs, and we ensure all our heating systems perform efficiently for you. With industry leading brands such as Powrmatic and Benson, which are built to last, we can help offer you and your business cost-effective and reliable heating systems this winter.

Our team of exceptional engineers are on hand to help provide you with installing our heating equipment. If you are seeking warm air heating installation for your business this winter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01509 814 123, or emailing, and we will be happy to help.

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