Brand Spotlight: Powrmatic

March 2 2018

James Patten


Powrmatic products are characterised as high quality, energy saving, exceptionally designed, high performing heating solutions. Furthermore, each solution complies to all legislation and emission regulations.

Heritage Heating and Cooling are a leading supplier of this high quality and reputable brand in the industry. We supply a full range of heating and cooling solutions from a wide range of reputable brands – with Powrmatic being just one.

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Our full range of Powrmatic heating solutions can accommodate various needs within most industrial and commercial premises.

So, where did this brand come from and why do the team here at Heritage Heating supply their products?

The Story Behind Powrmatic

Beginning in the late 1940s, Powrmatic kickstarted in small premises in East London distributing oil burners from a sister company. Throughout the years, the brand began to innovate; they developed the first fully automatic oil-fired warm air heater as a replacement for solid-fuel fired boilers and heaters.

From continuous expansion and innovation, Powrmatic is now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of heating and ventilation products, working with many different installers to provide a fully rounded and efficient service to commercial and industrial sectors.

What Makes Powrmatic Unique?

  • All their products are British built and manufactured to the highest of standards
  • Their brand and ethos focus on product development for enhanced performance
  • They have a strong focus on efficiency for their products
  • They invest continuously in manufacturing
  • They form strong partnerships with installers to create a streamlined business structure
  • They create low efficiency heating that is affordable and suits a range of working environments

Find an Installer Scheme

Powrmatic’s ‘Find an Installer’ scheme enables the installers of the equipment to have a company profile on the Powrmatic website, helping Powrmatic, the supplier, and the customer to easily find their solution.

Every company connected with this scheme has to be recommended by the local Powrmatic area sales manager, meaning all the suppliers are highly regarded and authentic.

You will find Heritage Heating and Cooling on the Powrmatic Find an Installer scheme.

Why Powrmatic for Heritage Heating?

With their long-standing reputation for not just high quality warm air heating equipment, but now supplying air conditioning units, they are one of the largest air conditioning manufacturers in the world.

The methods and approach to their products creates an outcome that Heritage Heating and Cooling are proud to be a part of.


Powrmatic product 2



Energy Efficient

If you are considering replacing your existing equipment with a more efficient solution, you could save up to 25% on fuel consumption with Powrmatic heaters. Their products are all 91% or more efficient for fuel consumption when compared to an older industrial heater, typically 1 year older.

Heritage Heating and Powrmatic

With years of experience supplying a reliable and customer focused service, be sure to choose Heritage Heating and Cooling to supply your Powrmatic heating and cooling services.

Our qualified engineers can install, maintain, and repair all Powrmatic heating and cooling units, meaning you can relax knowing that you are providing a comfortable and safe environment for you and your employees.

Heritage Heating work with many brands including Powrmatic

You can view our range of Powrmantic products which Heritage Heating and Cooling supply here. Ranging from suspended gas heaters to floor standing cabinet heaters and much more, we are sure to have a Powrmatic product to suit your needs.


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