Are You Heating Your Hotel Efficiently?

October 3 2016

James Patten


When arranging a stay in a hotel, you expect your environment to be comfortable; your bed should be one of your main concerns, and the furnishings should be well presented and cared for, but what about the temperature of the room?

Most guests staying in a hotel will expect some form of temperature management system to be available to them and, as a hotel owner, it’s your job to ensure those systems that are in place function correctly.

So, as your heating units will be more in demand now that the cold weather is setting in, are you ensuring that you’re heating your hotel rooms efficiently?

Don’t Overheat!

It can often be tempting to turn up the heat by more than a few degrees once the weather starts turning cold, and while we don’t blame anyone that wants to warm up for doing this, you could also be adding an extortionate amount to your energy bill.


However, there is a way around this; a way which you can still effectively heat your hotel rooms while saving yourself some money on heating bills at the same time. By lowering the thermostat of your heating system by 1°C, you can save yourself around £80-85 per room!

Although you can’t guarantee that your guests will keep the temperature down in their rooms, it quite literally pays to know that keeping the temperature down – even by 1 degree – can help you reduce your carbon footprint without them having to sacrifice their comfort!

In some installations, it may even be possible to set an upper limit for hotel room heating, reducing the chances of your guests overheating their rooms without restricting them too much.

Have Your Systems Maintained

One of the main causes of heating systems failing to adequately warm a space – and ultimately losing the company money on heating bills – is that the heating system hasn’t been maintained in a long time.


Whether it’s a build-up of dirt, or something more serious, such as a breakage, not having your heating system maintained on a regular basis can often cause bigger problems in the long run – and ultimately can affect the satisfaction of your guests, too.

There’s no better time to service all your units before they start being used by your guests than the present. Not only will this help reduce the complaints that you may receive regarding your heating, but it will also reduce the cost of running your heating throughout the winter as your heating systems will be more efficient.

If you would like to find out how our engineers can help keep your hotel’s heating working efficiently this autumn, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today – we’ll be more than happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.

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