Five Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

October 21 2015

James Patten


With winter comes the cold, and don’t we all know it? Our noses take on a beautiful red sheen and our cheeks are constantly pinched by none other than Jack Frost. That being said, there are plenty of ways for you to keep warm this winter.

 Pile on the Layers

The very first thing we tend to do when winter shows its head is reach for our woolly hats and scarves. An easier and more effective way to keep yourself warm is to layer up when out of your cosy warm house or workplace. Wear vests under your shirts and tights or thermals under your trousers, you’ll be surprised at how much heat you retain when travelling to the shops!

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Keep That Blood Pumping

It’s a universally known fact that when you exercise, you get hot. Make sure, this winter, whether you’re at home making a cup of tea, or at work busily carrying out your daily tasks, that you keep moving. We don’t mean doing a series of jumping jacks every ten minutes (unless you really want to), just take a walk to help prevent your muscles from locking up in the cold.

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Take the Heat With You

There’s a nifty invention many people over look. Hot water bottles and hand held heaters are fantastic when you’re on the go. If you find your work takes you away from your nicely heated workplace, a mini hand held heater can be the difference between nicely toasty fingers, and ice cubes on the ends of your hands.

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Tin Foil Works Wonders

You might have heard of this cheap trick before. If you find your radiators, whether in your home or in your workplace, are letting you down, that the warm air heating your office or house is escaping, placing a sheet of tin foil on the wall behind your heaters acts to reflect heat from your radiators back into your room!


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Get a Heater!

The final, and most effective way, of keeping your workplace or home nice and toasty warm during the winter months is to invest in a reliable, efficient and effective heater. As specialists in supplying reliable heaters for the workplace, we understand the importance in keeping your building warm throughout the year.

If you’d like to know more about our effective and reliable heaters, contact us today on 01509 814 123 or follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for the latest updates in the industry!

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