Three Common Problems with Industrial and Commercial HVAC Systems

August 1 2014

James Patten


As a specialist provider of commercial heating in Nottingham, you can be sure that we’ve come across the vast majority of the problems that can strike HVAC systems, but there are certain simple issues that we see cropping up time and time again. Here are a few of the most regular problems that users of these systems are likely to encounter:

A Wrongly Sized System

Without doubt, this is the most common difficulty that we tend to come across. Whether your HVAC equipment is too big or too small for your requirements is almost irrelevant; both situations will create problems for you. Too small, and it won’t be powerful enough to keep you comfortable, and it will need to be used so consistently that its longevity will really suffer. On the other hand, an oversized system will result in substantial operating costs and inefficient humidity control. The moral of this story is clear; make sure you get an expert to carry out proper calculations before you buy a system.

Indoor Air Pollution

Poor quality of indoor air can result from many different things; such as an inept air turnover or excessively high humidity from an oversized HVAC unit. The fact is that such minor issues then trigger (or allow) additional concerns like mould, mildew or the presence of a high pollen count, so it can quickly become apparent that your HVAC systems is actually doing little for the quality of your air. An efficiently tailored system won’t lead to these troubles, and if you are struggling then additional accessories can also be added to right these wrongs.

Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance has a lot to answer for. A simple coolant leak can increase business costs by as much as 20%, whist dirty filters and air conditioning coils won’t work as they should do. Similarly, compressor fans that are burdened in this way tend to fail long before they should do, so a lack of maintenance will soon catch up with you. Naturally, these problems can be rectified with a program of regular maintenance and servicing, and here at Heritage Heating and Cooling that’s exactly what we offer.

How We Can Help

We are able to service even those HVAC systems that we didn’t originally install, so if you find yourself experiencing one of these problems we can certainly help. Likewise, we can furnish you with an entirely new system if you require us to, so we can always ensure that your commercial heating and cooling system is as efficient as possible. If you’d like to find out more about our service for the installation and repair of commercial heating in Nottingham, then please get in touch with our professional team by calling 01509 814 123 or emailing

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