What Type of Heating is Best for Your Warehouse?

What Type of Heating is Best for Your Warehouse?

Having both effective and efficient heating solutions for your warehouse can prove to be a challenge, particularly when you aren’t sure which solution is the best. Choosing the wrong heater can result in high running costs, increased carbon footprint, and a waste of energy.

Offering the answer to different heating needs, radiant heating and warm air heating can help you to heat your warehouse in a cost-efficient and easy way. Installing high-quality heating systems in your warehouse guarantees the optimum functioning of your business, with your workers’ productivity increasing.

Warm Air 

Warm air heaters work through drawing air from a heat exchanger, allowing warm air to be easily and efficiently distributed throughout all rooms. Consistent temperatures are maintained, allowing for spaces and workers to be warmed up and have a comfortable working environment. The positioning of warm air heaters in an efficient way ensures that warm air travels freely through the space to guarantee the absence of cold spots.

The main advantages of radiant heating for your warehouse are:

  • Perfect for when fresh air is also present
  • Fast response and quick to heat
  • Can provide a warm air curtain
  • Good choice for well-sealed buildings with low air change rates or ventilation


Emitting infrared radiation to warm up objects and people, radiant heating is often provided through suspended options. Should your priority be to warm workers, this warehouse heating system may not be the most adequate as it requires workers to be in its line of sight. With racking and other tall structures in warehouses, this endeavour could prove to be difficult. Without these tall structures, however, heating becomes easier. Other areas with frequent contact with the outside, such as loading bays, can also benefit from radiant heating.

The main advantages of radiant heating for your warehouse are:

  • Ease of maintenance and management
  • Space-saving due to suspended heaters being installed
  • Used for both directional spot heating or overall heating needs
  • Even heat distribution at low levels
  • Instant heating and easy to control

One of the best ways to know which heating system is the best for your warehouse is to speak to a professional. Alongside the installation process, we also have a highly experienced maintenance team who will make sure that your units are always working as well as they should be.

Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling, we have a variety of heating solutions for your business to ensure the right temperature in your warehouse and the best possible performance. Simply get in touch with our expert team on 01509 814 123 to find out more about our heating systems – we’re always happy to help and answer any query you might have.

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