The Importance of Draught Management In The Workplace

The Importance of Draught Management In The Workplace

As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep staff happy and comfortable whilst in the workplace. This can be done by looking after staff, keeping morale high and providing temperature appropriate work conditions to suit the time of year and working environment.

With the winter temperatures starting to take effect, it is inevitable that appropriate actions will need to taken and proper measures put into place in order to keep staff morale up and productivity consistent.

Draughts in the workplace can become a problem, especially in the cooler months, so it is important to consider draft management options during the winter in order to reduce the risk of excess air problems.


Cold air draughts can affect muscles in the body and cause them to contract, becoming stiff and resulting in muscular pain and high discomfort. A knock-on effect of employee discomfort is a reduction in output and a low sense of staff morale. Therefore, if you are experiencing draught issues or ventilation problems, it is important to be fully aware of solutions and the appropriate source of fixtures to repair such problems.


Factory, office and industrial spaces can often become over-heated due to machinery output, which in turn causes a rise in working environment temperatures. These issues however, can be easily countered by applying the appropriate methods of ventilation to maintain steady space temperatures.

Air conditioning units

An established way to reduce air warmth that is produced from machinery output is through the installation of air conditioning units. These units will need to be strategically placed throughout the workplace in order to not interrupt or cause discomfort to employers whilst working. Air conditioning units are a cost-effective method of ensuring appropriate working temperatures.

Air curtains

Air curtains provide an effective barrier in order to minimise the loss of warm air through the opening of doors. They can reduce heat loss by up to 80%, and are ideal for all shops, warehouses, cold rooms and factory environments, where they can improve the efficiency of warm air heating.

Draughts are a common problem throughout all working environments, however here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we can provide you with the solutions to look after both staff and workplace. For more information regarding our comprehensive range including Powrmatic heating and AC cooling systems, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01509 814 123 today!

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