Places That Need Warm Air Heating This Summer

Places That Need Warm Air Heating This Summer

Summer so far has been the hottest in years, as we have been exposed to long periods of warm and sunny weather. Offices across the UK have been utilising their air conditioners more than usual, but many warm air heaters won’t have been touched in months.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the hot weather will last much longer, and before long warm air heaters will be taken out of our storage cupboards for another interminable period of cold, damp – typically English – weather. Even though offices may not require heating in the summer months, there are certain places that require it all year round, even during the summer.

Sports Halls

Sports halls may still require heating in summer as they are often vast open spaces that can get cold very easily, regardless of the external temperature. Ducted systems can maintain an ambient temperature, required for exercising in a comfortable environment. With many modern sports halls featuring viewing areas for spectators, the necessity for heating is boosted, since those not participating in the sport are more likely to feel chilly. Our heaters can cater for sports halls of various sizes as they are available in different outputs ranging from 12kW to 144kW. 

Swimming Pool and Spa

Winter or summer- indoor pools require heating to ensure the climate is mild and pleasant. Users can often get cold after getting out of the pool, making it important to achieve an ideal temperature, so customers can truly enjoy their experience at your leisure centre. Our range of industrial heating systems may serve as a fuel-efficient and highly effective form of heating for your facilities this summer.

Care Homes

The elderly may feel chilly indoors in the summer, because they are more vulnerable to the cold due to a natural decrease in their metabolic rate. 

Since care homes are operated 24/7, a prominent issue they face is heating, with energy usage being one of the greatest expenditures. Many care home providers struggle to find the balance between supporting the comfort and well-being of their residents and keeping energy costs at a minimum.   

Since a low energy form of heating is essential for care homes to minimise energy expenditure, investing in an NVS Gas Unit Heater may be the perfect choice. Not only is fuel usage reduced; the smart design will ensure residents are kept warm at all times of the day, and throughout the year.


It is critical to keep hospitals warm to ensure the welfare of patients and their families. The majority of hospital patients are elderly people who, as aforementioned, tend to get colder more easily. Ensuring hospitals are kept warm is particularly vital for those who are undergoing an operation, as they are vulnerable to perioperative hypothermia if their body temperature dips too low.

Many medicinal products should also never be kept in temperatures that are too low. Warm air heaters can be used to guarantee that a suitable temperature is maintained consistently.

Whilst additional warm air during the heat of summer might seem unwelcome, there are certain situations where it is a blessing – particularly after stepping out of a chilly swimming pool. Temperature extremes in either direction can present issues, so the availability of warm air throughout the year is important for maintaining a consistent environment, which in several settings, such as the ones mentioned above, can be of critical importance.

Here at Heritage Heating & Cooling, we offer a range of high quality heaters to ensure your premises stay at the right temperature this summer.  


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