Efficient Office Air Conditioning is Essential for All Businesses

Offices without some form of air conditioning units are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Even in cooler climates like the UK, having an office air conditioning unit is essential in the warm summer months, and now air con units have integrated heating capabilities that can provide efficient and rapid warm air heating on cooler days. They are a must-have for forward thinking and conscientious business owners.

Not only does having a comfortable office temperature keep your staff happy, it also improves staff efficiency and moral. The WHO (World Health Organisation) recommends that indoor working environments should be maintained at a temperature between 18ºC and 24ºC. Having a temperate and welcoming office environment also promotes a better first impression to visiting clients or prospective clients by avoiding stuffy, sweaty or arctic conditions.

Office air conditioning can also create a cleaner environment. Some units can be equipped with filters that will trap pollen, dust, microbes as well as other air particulates.


How to Ensure You Find the Best Office Air Con?

Not all offices are the same and at Heritage Heating and Cooling we understand that. Depending on the age of your building, and the shape and layout of your office, you will have a niche requirement regarding the best air conditioning unit. When sub-optimal units are fitted in offices it is common to find the room is cold at one end but hot at another. In reference to staff contentment this can be almost as bad as not having an air conditioning unit to begin with.

Our REFCOM air conditioning specialists take all of these factors into consideration when they perform a site visit, to assess your requirements in order to find your ideal office air conditioning unit.

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Available Office Air Conditioning Units

The most common set up for an office air conditioning unit consists of an outdoor condenser unit that is linked to an indoor unit that will output hot, cold or humid air. However, office air conditioning units can come in all shapes and sizes which means that there is an ideal cooling solution for all offices. At Heritage Heating and Cooling we offer the installation and maintenance of a range of units including split air conditioning units, commercial wall mounted air conditioning units and ceiling cassette air conditioning.

We also offer air conditioning units from reputed brands such Fujitsu and Panasonic, so if you want one of the above air conditioning units by a particular brand for their renowned reliability and efficiency, then we can help.

Many of our available units are A/A rated and are registered on the Energy Technology List which means they qualify for 100% first year Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA). This is a Government funded scheme that is designed to reward businesses that invest in energy saving equipment in line with efforts to minimise environmental impact.


Office Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

Our REFCOM qualified team love to help you find the right air conditioning unit for your office but beyond that we can install, maintain and continue to service your units. This will ensure that over the years your office air conditioning unit will continue to be efficient and effective. Energy consumption can be improved by as much as 60% when worn, malfunctioning or dirty components are replaced.


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