Managing the Varying Temperatures in Workplaces

Managing the Varying Temperatures in Workplaces

Certain workplaces and industrial properties often store sensitive goods that require temperature control systems to work at optimum capacity (and help improve customer satisfaction as well). Businesses involved in food production and pharmaceuticals, for example, rely on an excellent quality of heating and air conditioning equipment to guarantee the preservation of stock.

With temperatures also varying throughout the year, these systems are vital for a controlled and precise temperature in all properties requiring them.

Food Preservation and Storage

The growth of bacteria and microorganisms is the most common reason for food spoilage. Having a cool and controlled temperature can help to prolong food’s shelf life. As an increase in temperature can begin the spoilage process, it is essential to keep food stored in areas in which an air conditioning unit can keep the air cool.

Air conditioning can help to complement refrigeration processes to prolong food life. Different food will have different temperature needs for optimum preservation, with fruit and vegetables requiring different temperatures than meat. High-quality cooling equipment allows you to have controlled areas of different temperatures to guarantee food does not spoil before it hits the shelves.

Additionally, adequately cooled conditions also help to remove unnecessary additives from perishable foods. Preventing spoiling reduces financial losses, which also places pressure in warehouses to have appropriate temperature control systems.

Medicine and Pharmaceutical

Varying temperatures can have a significant impact on medicine production. Specific temperatures are needed when ingredients are being prepared, as they are essential so that the ingredients can dry properly and be bound to other ingredients. When tablets are being formed, the process often generates a lot of heat due to the machines producing hundreds of tablets a minute.

Machine breakdown is a concern when overheating becomes an issue. In addition, tablets often need to be coated with plastic-based coatings. These require cool temperatures to allow for proper solidification and so that they do not stick together when stored. The packaging process also needs controlled temperatures to ensure its proper functionality in a cost-effective way. High-quality air conditioning equipment is needed to withstand these requirements alongside expert professionals who can install these systems.



Storing items in warehouses can require a multitude of temperature control systems to guarantee its smooth functioning. Not having a climate control process can lead to damaged stock, which can incur a loss for your business. Through the installation of heating and air conditioning for climate control, you ensure that both humidity and temperature are balanced. Both humidity and temperature can affect stock and its condition when they are stored in warehouses.

With electrical items, for example, humidity has to be maintained at an appropriate level so that the components don’t suffer any damage. When storing pharmaceutical goods, temperature levels should stay between 2° to 8°C for chemical stability to not be affected.

Irregular weather can also affect stock in damaging ways, and having heating and cooling systems allows you to keep a regular temperature all year around. This also prevents mould from forming, which can contaminate stock and incur a loss of reputation for any business.


Greenhouses can be difficult to maintain, particularly when most plants can require temperatures to remain at 12°-15°C at night and at 20°-25°C during the day throughout spring. As a closed environment, greenhouses can quickly see temperatures rising to more than 35°C, which can kill many plants at the seedling stage. Having the appropriate ventilation is imperative for the air movement to encourage warm air to circulate and leave. Heaters and air conditioners are great and simple ways of giving your greenhouse an extra helping hand at having regulated temperatures.

CO2 injection happens when both light and temperature levels are at optimal conditions. Installing air conditioning helps to keep the temperature at the level it needs to be at and helps to save on fuel and electricity. Modern systems provide fuel efficiency and savings on electricity and bills, which aids you in focusing on the smooth running of your business.

Providing expert heating and cooling solutions, here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we understand how important it is for your business to have equipment you can rely on. Get in touch with us to find out more about our products and how we can help you achieve the temperature control your business needs.

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