Making The Most of Your Air Conditioning

Making The Most of Your Air Conditioning

Once you have assessed your needs for air conditioning, weighed up the advantages and disadvantages and chosen the type of air conditioning system you need, you’ll be able to have a system installed to suit your needs. However, as specialists in air conditioning in Derby and the surrounding area we know that it doesn’t end there.

To make the most of your air conditioning, you need to be able to use it effectively and efficiently; getting this right will provide the maximum comfort for your employees as well as keeping your energy bills affordable.

Set Your Thermostat For The Highest Comfortable Temperature

This is especially important if you have employees who have to come and go frequently, or if you often have customers entering the building from outside. If the difference between the internal and external temperatures is too great, then they will experience some discomfort every time they leave, so keeping the temperature at the higher end of the comfortable range will improve their comfort long-term. In addition, a smaller difference means that less cooling is needed, which will reduce your energy bills.

Don’t Start The Air Conditioning Too Cold

Many people tend to start their air conditioning at a colder temperature than they actually require; this is actually a very ineffective habit. It won’t help the room to cool down quicker, and is likely to cool it too much, leaving employees uncomfortable and wasting energy.

Consider The Placement of Other Equipment

Make sure that any equipment or machinery that gives off heat when in use is placed away from thermostats; otherwise they may create false readings and cause the air conditioning to overcompensate.

Start Your Air Conditioning In Good Time

Energy-saving is important, so many people will tend to try and keep the air conditioning off as long as possible. However, if you wait until your staff complain before turning the air conditioning on, the system will need to do a lot more work to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level. If the day looks like it will heat up, start the air conditioning while the temperature is still in the comfortable range and it will be able to maintain that temperature more effectively and efficiently.

Don’t Allow Your Air Conditioning To Compete With Your Heating

This may seem obvious – if your heating and air conditioning are operating at the same time then you’ll be wasting an awful lot of energy. However, many people set the air conditioning to start at the same temperature at which the heating stops; while this may seem fairly logical, it will put the two systems in competition. It’s far more efficient to leave a temperature gap (called a “deadband”) between the two.

Centralise Control

In a shared environment, it is always going to be difficult to find a temperature that suits everyone; some people naturally prefer a warmer or cooler environment to others. This can cause a problem if all your staff have equal access to the controls of your air conditioning – one person will turn it up, and then half an hour later somebody else turns it down. This seriously reduces the efficiency of the system, as well as creating friction between employees. By centralising control, you can maintain the efficiency of the air conditioning, and put an end to the arguments.

Don’t Rely Entirely On The Air Conditioning

If you place the entire burden of your cooling strategy on your air conditioning, you will inevitably find your energy bills soaring. As experts in air conditioning in Northampton we advise that it should be complemented by the use of blinds or window films to reduce the amount of solar heat gain through windows, and by keeping doors and windows shut where practical to reduce the amount of heat that is let in to the building.  Where possible, you can also reduce both heat gain and energy use by making use of natural light instead of electric lighting – unless you’ve already switched to “cool” lighting systems like LED bulbs, you may be surprised at how much heat your electric lighting gives off.

We hope that this guide proves useful to you, and if you would like more information on our services or if you’re looking for industrial air conditioning in Leicester, Derby or indeed anywhere in the UK we would be happy to hear from you on 01509 814 123 or through the enquiry form on our Contact page.

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