The Best Zoned Heating Method

Radiant plaque heaters are an exceptional heating method for warming a specific area. Their use of infrared radiation means that they can quickly heat any objects that lie in their path. They are perhaps the most efficient spot heating system for factory and warehouse floors, as well as many other buildings with high ceilings. Radiant plaque heaters are not only ideal for localised heat, if you need to regulate your floor space so that different areas have different temperatures then they can also facilitate this.

Radiant Plaque Heaters

Gas Fired Plaque Heaters Provide Rapid Heating

Industrial radiant heating systems use infrared radiation which, unlike warm air heating, do not work via the warming of air particles. Instead they directly heat solid objects that lie in their path, and not only that, infrared transmission is instant from the moment you switch your heater on. If you have a factory or warehouse shop floor where workers start early in the morning all year round, then the rapid heat generated from radiant plaque heaters may be the solution for you. They will effectively keep your employees warm and content which will indirectly boost productivity levels.


Will Radiant Plaque Heaters Be an Efficient Choice for Your Set Up?

If you are looking to heat an industrial or commercial space with high ceilings such as a factory, warehouse, air hanger, leisure centre or supermarket, to name a few, then radiant plaque heaters will be an ideal solution for you. If you have machinery or personnel coming in and out of your buildings on a regular basis then these will also be a lot more efficient than alternative heating methods which try to heat the air. Radiant plaque heaters, similarly to radiant tube heating systems, have clever aluminium reflectors directing heat down to the floor, making them even more suitable to buildings with high ceilings which may need localised heating.


Radiant Plaque Heaters from Heritage Heating and Cooling

Here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we supply gas fired plaque heaters with inputs ranging from 10kW to 45kW. All our radiant plaque heaters are of a light weight and compact design, making installation a relatively easy task. In addition, our gas fired plaque heaters are corrosion resistant, being made with an aluminised steel body construction, as well as having a 100% gas safety shut-off control. These heaters can also be horizontally mounted, or angle mounted to 35° depending on the angle to which you need to project the heat.

For more information about our radiant plaque heaters, or to find out more about the different branded plaque heaters that we can install such as AmbiRad and Winterwarm heaters, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love helping our customers find the most efficient heating system for them. You can call us on 01509 814 123 or email