How Too High a Temperature is Bad for Your Health

How Too High a Temperature is Bad for Your Health

In the winter we want to keep as warm as possible, so as soon as we come in from the cold weather, we tend to crank up the central heating so that there’s not even the slightest pocket of cold air floating around. Turning the temperature up high is ok for a quick fix in heating your property, but keeping it on full blast for long periods of time isn’t good for your body.

Having a cold

Headaches and Dry Throat

Have you ever noticed that after the heating has been on all day you’re feeling sluggish with perhaps a slight headache? The intense heat is slowly causing your body to dehydrate with the lack of moisture in the air. This is the same reason why your throat may feel dry as the heat is basically sapping the moisture from the atmosphere, which can also lead to things like dry, itchy eyes and the feeling of intense thirst.

Feeling Bunged Up

Without proper ventilation, and with no fresh air circulating from an open window, air can become stale and stagnant. This warm air is a great environment for the production of germs, and during the winter could be a contributing factor to the spread of colds.

Skin Problems

Heating that is too high can also be the cause of bad skin as skin that is exposed to such dry air then too becomes dry. It’s important to re-consider your skin regime during the winter months, because the combination of harsh weather and harsh heating means your skin’s natural moisture needs replenishing more than usual.

Your skin’s natural oils act as a protective layer for your skin, and intense temperatures will start to damage this layer if not looked after properly.

hand adjust thermostat valve

Proper Ventilation

Before your heating takes a toll on your health, it may be an idea to consider turning down the heating a few degrees on your thermostat, and make sure the air indoors is properly circulating with a ventilation system in place, or through an open window.

It’s particularly important to make sure you implement these changes in your business property because if employees get sick, this could lead to a loss in staff hours and consequently loses you money. If you’re in need an effective and efficient heating system for your property, then Heritage Heating supplies a range of industrial heaters to choose from, so we can provide you with a system to suit your space. For any enquiries about our products or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch at 01509 814 123, otherwise you can also find us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.

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