Hottest Countries in the World (Part 2)

Hottest Countries in the World (Part 2)

As summer quickly draws to a close, and because we like to get nostalgic, we thought it only appropriate to finish off our series on the hottest countries in the world. Before you read this, make sure to check out part one first in which we covered the likes of scorching landscapes such as Mexico, Egypt and Australia.

So let’s not waste any time, here are some more of the hottest countries in the world! You might want to have a drink handy because just thinking about the heat in these places will build up a thirst! 

Blooming Desert


Somalia is known as one of the most dangerous countries on earth, but it’s also one of the hottest too (adding to the danger). Located in the Horn of Africa region, Somalia sees little to no rain at all in one year and the average temperature can go up to about 50 degrees. (Have you still got that glass of water?) Due to a lack of irrigation systems, the country suffers heavily from droughts and famines.


Even the mighty Himalayas in the north and north-eastern regions of India don’t stop the hot winds from the Indian Ocean from increasing the average temperature of the Indian Subcontinent. In some central, western and southern parts of the country, the temperature can rise all the way up to 50 degrees. Luckily for India though, the summers are the only hard part as the country receives great rain fall and good winters although some of its coastal regions likes Goa stay hot throughout the year.


Due to what we see in films, when we imagine the African landscape we think of dry deserts or grasslands. Well it turns out, that image is pretty spot on when it comes to Sudan. Located in the northern region of Africa, the country is not only one of the hottest but also one of the driest on the planet. With temperatures soaring to 52 degrees, the country suffers greatly from droughts and famine which is not only dangerous to the human life there, but also the plant and animal life there as well.


Last but not least we have Libya which takes the title for hottest country on the planet. The temperatures here are so high that they’re known to cause skin blisters and diseases. Back in 1922, Libya broke the recorded for highest recorded temperature with it registering at 57.8 degrees! The Libyan Desert, which covers a majority of the country, is incredibly dry and arid.

Bet you’re glad for that glass of water now!

erschöpfter Teenager

Well that’s it for our list of hottest countries, and we hope that you now appreciate the occasional rainy spell. Of course now we’re approaching winter, you’ll be thankful for something to keep you warm and we might have just the thing! As specialists in warm air heating, we can provide you with some of best quality heating around. For more information, contact us on 01509 814 123 and speak to one of our friendly team members today!

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