Health Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Health Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Utilising water and a fan to circulate the air, evaporative cooling units represent a more natural way of cooling the air in your building. With temperature affecting not only your business but also your employees, an efficient cooling solution is vital.

With its low energy consumption and eco-friendly nature, evaporative cooling units bring many health benefits to your health and to your employees’.

Low Carbon Dioxide Emissions

With a big impact on the environment and on your health, carbon dioxide is released by most air conditioner units. Carbon dioxide is an odourless and colourless gas with a slightly acidic touch. When present in the surrounding environment at higher levels, it creates an imbalance that leads to respiratory issues.

Evaporative cooling has very low carbon dioxide emissions, which protects both the environment and your employees. Leading to an increase in reputation, ensuring you have both your employees and sustainability in mind will aid your business to grow, increasing your profits and number of clients.

Fresh Air

With evaporative cooling, your building can have fresher air running through the room. The effective air movement provides your employees with a greater level of comfort, as the air is less stale and stuffy. Through the constant air movement, dust, pollution, and odour particles are circulated to outside of the building.

As it brings in fresh air from outside, health issues such as asthma and hay fever are lessened throughout the year. And fewer health issues signify an increase in productivity and profit, as your employees have less time off ill.

Humidity Levels

Particularly important to provide a more comfortable breathing environment, evaporative cooling units maintain a natural humidity level. When humidity is too high, sweat clings to the skin and doesn’t evaporate as easily.

High humidity levels are a breeding ground for organisms that can cause harm to your employees’ health. Mould spores and dust mites, for example, thrive in a humid environment. These can cause or worsen asthmatic symptoms and respiratory issues.

Our extensive experience with installing cooling units ensures that you receive the best possible service. Evaporative cooling units are an efficient and healthy solution for your industrial building, ensuring the well-functioning of your business.

To ensure that your building provides a healthy environment for you and your employees, consider acquiring evaporative cooling. Both short and long term you will see its health benefits, which aids to make your company be seen in a positive light. All these health factors work together, guaranteeing a great work atmosphere and environment.

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