Feeling the Cold – The Effects of a Chilly Workplace

Feeling the Cold – The Effects of a Chilly Workplace

We’re a whisker away from the start of December, and you’d have to be very optimistic indeed to suggest that cold weather wasn’t too far away, That’s bad enough when we’re sat within the comfort of our own homes, and can also be a pain when we’re out and about, but at least we can usually do something about the cold then; in the workplace, temperature can sometimes be beyond our control. So, what exactly is so bad about a chilly workplace? Read on to get the facts…

A Lack of Productivity

To answer the matter in a single statement, cold temperatures kill productivity. There’s obviously more that could be said though. According to previous studies, cold temperatures cause people to commit more errors…a lot more errors. Mistakes can increase by as much as 44% in the cold, and if a workplace is going to sway towards one extreme or the other, it’s marginally better in terms of productivity to be warmer than colder. Clearly though, neither is exactly ideal.

A Cold Mindset

It’s not only the mistakes that increase either, as concentration tends to go walkabout in the cold, and this alone can effectively cost an employer 10% more money per person, per hour. Apparently, the cold can also have a psychological effect on us too. Some think that we perceive others as colder and more uncaring when the temperature is low, so, quite literally, being too cold in the workplace can cause working relationships to fray. We associate warmth with intimacy, so being cold means that we keep our guard up. It’s an interesting theory, and one which has a good deal of backing.

The Afternoon Slump

We tend to feel the effects of a cold office most keenly during the early afternoon hours – also known as the ‘post lunchtime dip’ – as our body temperature and hormones naturally crash at this time. Many people already struggle working in the slot after lunchtime, as they feel drowsy, so this additional unwanted effect can cause productivity to grind to a halt. If you’re an employee and you’re wondering why you can’t focus in a chilly office, you now know the answer. If you’re an employer, you definitely need to get your heating sorted as soon as possible.

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