Factors Which Raise the Temperature in Your Workplace

Factors Which Raise the Temperature in Your Workplace

With temperatures now more likely to be hitting the highs rather than the lows, you’ll probably be far more interested in our status as a provider of industrial air conditioning in Northampton, rather than our ability to provide commercial heating at present.  A lot of workplace environments can suffer from excessive heat in the summer, and it’s not only the industrial sectors that can see temperatures soaring.

What Can Cause Uncomfortable Workplace Temperatures?

  • Work near to radiant heat sources. Such environments can be found within factory or foundry premises, where furnaces or other heat sources are integral to the work, but also in less obvious workplaces like kitchens too.
  • An abundance of physical work. Strenuous lifting and the like can soon result in even a relatively balanced temperature becoming far too hot, and so occupations which prioritise such work in indoor premises should always be on the lookout for related problems.
  • Lots of workers. Many people being present in a room will raise the ambient temperature by a significant degree, and this effect becomes even more exacerbated when the room in question is very confined.

Waste Heat

One of the most common causes of rising workplace temperatures is waste heat. This is not heat that is needed to directly perform a process, such as the heat generated by a furnace, but is instead the heat that is poured into the air as a by-product of another process. Many systems need to reject heat, and you only have to sit within an office near to a large bank of computers to realise just how much unwanted heat these machines can generate.

Waste heat usually goes hand in hand with the use of machinery, and thus it can cause problems even within environments that you might not think of as being overly hot to work in. You can even suffer the effects of waste heat purely because you are situated in close proximity to a separate building that is expelling a lot of waste heat, and during the summer months you’ll therefore need to ensure that your air conditioning is in tip-top condition.

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we can supply, install and maintain a variety of air conditioning systems for you to make use of in the summer, so your workplace can always maintain a comfortable temperature. Furthermore, as we’re a specialist in commercial heating in Northampton as well, we can continue to contribute to the temperature of an industrial or commercial premises all year round, so don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01509 814 123 or emailing our team at info@heritageheatingandcooling.co.uk for more information.

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