Effectively Combating Summer Humidity

Effectively Combating Summer Humidity

People usually think of heat as being one of the biggest causes of workplace unproductiveness, especially within the summer, but actually that’s not always the case; in many cases it is humidity that poses the biggest problem. Humidity is a huge concern at this time of year, and so many industrial or commercial premises go to special lengths to combat it and ensure the comfort of their workers.

How Does Humidity Affect Us?

Humidity affects people primarily because our bodies use ‘evaporative cooling’ to keep us comfortable. This means that the perspiration on our skin evaporates to cool us down. When the environment around us is humid, this perspiration doesn’t evaporate as readily, so we become progressively more uncomfortable.

Humidity can also cause other problems as well. For example, some people can find breathing difficult within excessively humid environments, and other side-effects can include feeling faint or losing concentration. In severe cases, people can even hyperventilate or experience numb sensations, and although such cases are rare in the UK even mild humidity can be a major obstacle to productivity.

What Can Be Done?

Clearly, humidity is a real problem, but thankfully the solution is a simple one; namely air conditioning. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we’re a specialist provider of air conditioning in Leicester, and we regularly meet people’s needs when it comes to humidity control. In fact regulating humidity was the need that originally stimulated the invention of air conditioning, so it should come as no surprise to find that air conditioning should be your first port of call in the war against humidity.

Most modern air conditioners also dehumidify air as they work to cool it down, as hot and moist air is condensed by the cool evaporator coil. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that all your air conditioning system is doing is ‘cooling you down’! Curiously, excessively low humidity in winter can also be problematic, causing potential problems like sore eyes, so there is a real need to regulate such conditions on a year-around basis.

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we aim to be a heating and cooling specialist that can meet your needs all through the year, and as a provider of industrial cooling and industrial heating in Leicester you can trust us to help keep your working environment comfortable 365 days a year. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us now by calling 01509 814 123 or emailing info@heritageheatingandcooling.co.uk.

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