The Confirmed Link Between Room Temperature and Worker Productivity

The Confirmed Link Between Room Temperature and Worker Productivity

For all businesses and industries, worker productivity is paramount to a company’s success, but did you know that room temperature can actually affect how productive your employees are?

Employers want healthy and productive workers, and here at Heritage Heating and Cooling we are here to help you understand how securing an ideal room temperature will benefit you and your employees.

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Peak Performance Temperature

A study by Northumbria University observed the affect of room temperature on worker productivity. It was found that, when the room temperature was slightly cold, worker productivity dropped dramatically, with workers reporting that they could not focus properly.

Another study, this time conducted by Cornell University, discovered that if the room temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius or lower, employees made more errors and began feeling drowsy and unproductive.

These studies show a significant correlation between low room temperature and low worker productivity, meaning that effective industrial heaters are of vital importance in all workplaces.

Temperature and Employee Health

There is a clear correlation between health and room temperature, with the government recommending an optimum temperature of between 18-21 degrees Celsius in UK residences.

Sitting in cold rooms for long periods of time can be extremely detrimental to employee health, causing higher blood pressure, increased cases of the common cold and influenza, or even more serious cases of chest infections and pneumonia. By having a cold office, employers not only lose out on general productivity, but also will cause employees to take more sick days, both of which can be very costly.

Believe it or not, room temperature really does affect the productivity of your workers. If you need heating solutions for your workplace, Heritage Heating and Cooling can help you to control the temperature of your office to ensure maximum employee productivity. Contact us today by calling 01509 814 123.

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