Commonly Circulated Heating and Cooling Myths – Part 1

Commonly Circulated Heating and Cooling Myths – Part 1

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we commonly deal with an array of different heating and cooling systems, and it’s very fair to say that we’ve got to grips with these solutions pretty well over the years. For plenty of people though, the ‘ins and outs’ of heating and cooling systems are relatively unfamiliar concepts, and because of that there are a good number of myths and untruths going around. In this article, we’re going to set the record straight concerning a few important points:

Myth: You Should Turn Up the Heating When it’s Cold

If your heating system relies upon a thermostat, then this is definitely a myth. When you think about it, the entire purpose of a thermostat is to maintain a consistent ambient temperature, so whether or not it’s cold or warm outside should be entirely unimportant; the temperature within your building should always be the same. Because of that, don’t always be keen to turn up the heating just because the wintery scene outside looks like it merits such an action.

Myth: Warm Air Heating is Inefficient

We’ve heard this myth from quite a few different sources, and it’s quite simply untrue. The fact is that no one heating system is ‘the most efficient’, and the best choice will instead depend upon your individual circumstances. Things like the layout of your building will all have an effect, and so all of these things will need to be taken into account. Warm air heating may sometimes be less useful than a different type of heating, but in plenty of situations you’d be mad to overlook its utility.

Myth: Floor Standing Heaters Depend on Floor Space

On the face of it, you’d definitely be forgiven for thinking that ‘floor standing’ heaters would rely upon some form of ‘floor space’, but actually it doesn’t have to be as clear cut as all that. In any situations where a floor standing heater has been recommended to you, you can get around a lack of floor space by mounting the heater horizontally instead. In this way, you can gain access to all of the benefits of a floor-standing heater, yet also preserve your floor space. Well worth remembering.

Myth: Warm Air Heating is Outdated

This myth probably comes from the same crowd who claim that warm air solutions are inefficient, and once again the idea that warm air heating is old or obsolete is a total fallacy. Even today, warm air heating is the most common type of heating device bar none, and so there are never any problems with regards to maintenance or parts replacement. Warm air heaters are still being made, so there’s nothing ‘dated’ about them at all.

Myth: High Ceilings Aren’t Heat Efficient

In a sense, it’s true that having a high ceiling could result in all of your heat just collecting in the unused roof space of a room, but the idea that this problem can’t be overcome is a myth. De-stratifcation fans and the like can all be relied upon to redirect heat back towards the habited parts of a building, so there never needs to be a situation where warm air goes awry.

Stay tuned for more information about various myths and legends which relate to heating and cooling, and don’t forget that you can purchase a variety of proven solutions to keep temperatures under control in industrial and commercial environments right here. To contact the Heritage Heating and Cooling team, call 01509 814 123 or email We’ll always be happy to help meet your heating and cooling requirements.

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