At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we provide only the best quality commercial air conditioning and heating units throughout the UK, as well as providing a complete maintenance and installation service. Our extensive range of air conditioning units includes split air conditioning units, which offer superior performance, energy efficiency and comfort to all kinds of interior spaces. Our split air conditioning units include both floor and ceiling models, allowing us to provide you and your business with precisely what you need, regardless of any space restrictions.

What is a Split Air Conditioning Unit?

A split air conditioning unit is an air conditioner that has both an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on the exterior wall of the room that is being cooled, and the indoor unit inside the room. The inside and outdoor units contain the different components of the air conditioning system, but without the complicated ductwork systems that are used in other kinds of air conditioning units.

How Do Split Air Conditioning Units Differ from Other Air Conditioners?

Split air conditioning units are a great choice of air conditioner as, unlike other units, they do not require ductwork. Instead, the indoor and outdoor unit are connected with electrical wires and tubing, making it a more efficient kind of unit, not to mention more environmentally friendly. Typical ductwork systems use lose a lot of energy due to the heat exchange in the air duct system. Split air conditioning units do not have this network of ducts, meaning there is much less opportunity for heat energy loss.

Split air conditioning units are also much quieter than other kinds of units, as the loud compressor fan that cools the condenser is located outside of the room in the outdoor unit, which removes the component that makes the most noise from the space you are trying to cool. Additionally, you can opt for a multi-split system so that you can have multiple units connected to a single outdoor unit. This allows you to cool numerous rooms within your business or maintain a cold temperature in a large room like a warehouse or factory via the use of two or more indoor cooling units.

Floor and Ceiling Installation

At Heritage Heating a Cooling, we have many different styles of ceiling models of split air conditioning units to choose from. Our ceiling split air conditioning systems can be mounted open on the ceiling or concealed within the ceiling. And with a wireless or wired remote control, setting the system is incredibly easy. You can adjust the up/down and right/left directional swing of the unit for complete control of the 3-dimensional airflow and adjust the heating and cooling to your ideal temperature.

Split Air Conditioning Unit Installation

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, as well as providing the best air conditioning units available on the market, we also offer a complete service and installation of your unit so you can rest assured that it will be up and running and fully operational in no time at all. Our commercial heating maintenance team can install, maintain and continue to service your unit throughout its entire working life. With regular servicing, we can keep your unit running in an energy-efficient and effective manner, replacing worn out or dirty components over time to ensure it will run to its fullest capacity.

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