Factory Cooling: Industrial Evaporative Cooling Systems

A building that utilises evaporative coolingThe industrial evaporative cooling system is one of the finest systems for factory cooling available for industrial use – and Heritage Heating and Cooling are proud to handle the supply, installation and maintenance of this revolutionary technology.

We understand that, in a factory environment, cooling down processes and controlling the effective movement of air around large spaces are crucial considerations when maintaining optimal working conditions. Our top of the range factory cooling system will provide you with precisely what you’re looking for.

Introducing the Industrial Evaporative Cooling System

There are three factors we believe are of vital importance when choosing the factory cooling system for your company. These are flexibility, efficiency and affordability. We believe that the perfect choice, the system that ticks all the boxes, is an industrial evaporative cooling system. These systems are suitable for factories, warehouses, sports facilities, children’s play facilities, computer server rooms, offices and many other industrial and commercial premises.

There’s a reason that this technology is heralded as a game-changer for factories – it’s significantly more efficient than other such systems, using less than half the energy that’s used to boil a kettle. That’s not all, though, as it’s also cheaper to install than traditional commercial air conditioning units. A summary of the benefits would be:

  • Low carbon, low energy
  • High return on investment
  • More efficient than air conditioning
  • Totally eco-friendly choice – no refrigerants

For a case study where this is demonstrated, check out one of our recent installations at New Balance, where we were required to supply and install a corrosion resistant system – essential in the coastal environment – that dealt with a number of challenges with regards to protecting the cooling units.

Contact Us for Factory Cooling Systems

Heritage Heating and Cooling can supply the factory cooling systems in any industrial property, anywhere in the UK.

On a nationwide basis, every one of our highly skilled and qualified expert technicians – fully authorised with bodies like Refcom – are trained to install, repair and maintain the Evaporative Cooling System. Should you require breakdown cover or spare parts, we also offer annual contracts, so you can benefit from more cost-effective engineer rates.

For all your industrial evaporative cooling needs, be sure to make Heritage Heating and Cooling your first choice. Contact us on 01509 814 123 and our specialist staff will be delighted to assist with your individual requirements.

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