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  • The Benefits of Ducted Air Systems

    Ducted air systems, were very popular in the UK during the 1960s and the 1970s, and still remain a great and cost-effective option for heating and cooling your property.

  • How to Maintain the Ideal Temperature in your Warehouse

    Many businesses seem to overlook just how important the temperature is within warehouses (or the office).  Most likely, your warehouse will contain all your stock, which is essentially the main frame of your business – without the product you don’t … Continue reading

  • Five Common HVAC Myths

    Myths are something that arise in almost every subject, and some can be easily believed. With that in mind, it isn’t uncommon for myths to be perceived as the truth, and this is the same when it comes to heating … Continue reading

  • Brand Spotlight: Powrmatic

    Powrmatic products are characterised as high quality, energy saving, exceptionally designed, high performing heating solutions. Furthermore, each solution complies to all legislation and emission regulations. Heritage Heating and Cooling are a leading supplier of this high quality and reputable brand … Continue reading

  • Importance of Industrial Cooling for Food Factories

    Cooling and maintaining temperatures in workplaces is vital in many industries. However, in food production and storage this is perhaps even more important. Properly designed and installed air conditioning units for food factories can control airborne particulates and odours, minimising … Continue reading

  • The Use of Radiant Tube Heating in the Poultry Industry

    Radiant tube heating is a method of heating widely used across several industries, with benefits to sectors such as retail and industrial environments. However, over the last few years, the use of radiant heat to heat poultry house’s brooder areas … Continue reading