Gas Cabinet Heaters & Oil Cabinet Heaters for Industrial & Commercial Use

Cabinet heaters providing warmth for homes

Cabinet heating systems come in various specifications, so choosing the solution that’s best suited to your industrial or commercial premises can be complicated. Floor standing gas or oil cabinet heaters are ideal for warehouses, factories, showrooms and many other applications. They work via warm air heating and they can immediately provide heat due to their very short heating up periods.

A Range of Cabinet Heaters are Available

Cabinet heaters are available in gas or oil, vertical or horizontal, internal, external and room sealed options, and may come with atmospheric or forced air burners. There are multiple options available which is fantastic if you have decided a cabinet heater is right for you as you have plenty of options to choose from, however, it is important that you select the best heating type for your specific application and requirements as some may be more suitable than others. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we recognise this, as such we only install the most reliable brand names– like Powrmatic and Benson  Ambi Rad  & Combat – giving you confidence that you’re choosing a system that ranks among the cream of the crop. We will also assess your application, building type and specific requirements, ensuring only the most efficient and cost-effective cabinet heater is suggested to you.

Quality Cabinet Heating from Powrmatic and Benson

The cabinet heaters that we stock are constructed from top quality materials for a longer lifespan, and come with various capabilities, including augmentations like:

  • Multiple outputs
  • Natural gas, LPG, oil or bio fuel compatibility
  • In-built controllers for setting time and temperatures
  • A 2-year warranty on all parts
  • 5 or 10-year time related warranties on heat exchangers

Benson oil and gas cabinet heaters are famous for coming with a highly efficient four-pass heat exchanger; an innovation that provides a cost-effective heating service. They are also equipped with systems such as SmartCom: a fantastic time and temperature control solution that also brings added password protection with it, so your heating levels can be depended upon to be consistent. Depending on the heater model you choose, you’ll also be able to benefit from vertical, horizontal or downflow models, levels of efficiency that exceed the UK part L2B Building Regulations, and more. If you’re at all unsure about exactly what heater would be the best to heat your warehouse or greenhouse, then don’t hesitate to ask our customer service team. From air rotation to fuel type, we can advise you on what cabinet heater would be the best for your business, but our service doesn’t end with supply, we can also install, maintain and service your cabinet heaters.

Gas Cabinet Heaters

These are an excellent subset of industrial heaters and can be installed in varying configurations from external to mounted to floor standing. They can provide heat to the surrounding area almost immediately without drawn out heating periods, which can occur with other heating methods.

Oil Cabinet Heaters

Also ideal for commercial and industrial use, our oil cabinet heaters are highly efficient at quickly heating up your industrial space. Some are even bio fuel compatible. 

Get in Touch with Us to Discuss Cabinet Heating

As industrial heating specialists, we can offer advice as to which heating solution will work for you. Installations are carried out by our own specialist heating engineers, who are fully authorised by Gas Safe, and we can then maintain and repair your systems once they’re installed. For assistance in selecting the right cabinet heater for your building contact Heritage Heating today. You can call us on 01509 814 123, email or fill out our online contact form.

If you would like our assistance, one of our contract engineers will arrange to visit your site and we will quickly provide a quotation based on your requirements. We will guarantee you a first-class service carried out by first class tradespeople, so you can trust Heritage Heating to look after all your heating requirements in both the short and long term.