Winter Is Coming; Get Your Heater On!

October 2 2014

James Patten


As Ned Stark so famously uttered, “winter is coming” and unfortunately this winter will not be confined to Winterfell. From the lands of Westeros to an office or store near you, the winter will spread its dark days, sleet, frost and all round misery, have no doubt.

As we are sure you have guessed the winter weather forecast is full of dry days in which the sun will crack the flags, never dropping below 25°c. Unfortunately this forecast only has any relevance if you live in an equatorial climate, if not then it may well be time to batten down the hatches, as it’s going to be rougher than a fresh emery board. With whispers of a storm known as El Nino it could easily be a long winter of sub-zero temperatures, so find the gloves now before it arrives.

One thing is for sure; with the British winter coming on you will certainly need some sort of heating system. Now a roaring fire set in an authentic stone hearth is one of the most comforting ways to keep warm throughout those colder days but it’s not really an option for your office or business. More likely is that you will have to boot up the trusty old heating system that has lain untouched during the surprisingly mild summer.

But what if for once in its many years of solid service the heating system doesn’t choke into life and start warming up the workers shivering at their desks? Well we really wish we had an answer for you but… only kidding, we just so happen to be experts in warm air heating and are sure to have the perfect option for you.

Contact us and we will quickly be able to arrange for a brand new heating system to make its way to your business. No more chilblains or need to wrap up, just a toasty warm space that is sure to keep everyone happy until spring decides to rear its lovely head again.

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