Why Use Air Conditioning All Year Round?

September 2 2015

James Patten


At Heritage Heating we are passionate with regards to all things heating and cooling, be that through the provision of our commercial air conditioning or our industrial heating. Being in Britain, there is only ever one thing you can predict with our weather, and that’s its unpredictability. As such, many people don’t feel the need for air conditioning and heating, but there are numerous advantages to opting for its use all year round.

It Does It All

People don’t seem to realise that many air conditioning units are installed with both air conditioner and heater, and can therefore both heat and cool a room. As such they are the ultimate house-guest in winter and your best friend in summer.

Green Setting

With the world edging towards ever more green solutions, many units come with greener settings to reduce carbon emissions and, ultimately, energy usage. So whilst many people’s initial concerns with regards to all year round air conditioning would be related to price and its environmental impact, the ability to opt for greener conditioning goes a long way to answering these sceptics.

Air conditionerBetter than the Alternative

Compared to the traditional heating systems that many homes and businesses use, air conditioning can beat them hands down. Air conditioning can significantly reduce your energy bills and can offer a great return on investment if opted for over the aforementioned traditional heating systems.

Consistent Climate Regulation

Arguably the best advantage is the fact that you needn’t ever be too cold or too hot ever again! How good is that? With the nature of British weather being… well… British weather, you can never be too sure as to where the weather is planning on heading. As such, the air conditioning systems we have for sale at Heritage Heating are particularly handy in offering almost immediate heat relief, generating the desired temperature with relative speed – certainly compared to traditional methods of heating.

If you’re still in two minds as to how air conditioning can boost your business and home life all year round, then you should speak with one of our heating specialists. Equally, if you would like to find out further information with regards to our industrial heating or repair service, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today on 01509 814 123 where one of friendly experts will be eagerly awaiting your call!

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