Which Industrial Heater is the Best Choice for Your Warehouse?

January 4 2019

James Patten


Heating warehouses can be a tricky business. The space can be so vast that heating the entire thing might seem like an impossibility, or a very expensive possibility. However, if you own a warehouse or factory floor, you have an obligation to your workers to ensure that there is sufficient heating, especially in the winter when warehouses can become incredibly cold.

Additionally, your warehouse stock could also become negatively affected by the cold, so ensuring you invest in an appropriate heating system is essential. Fortunately, at Heritage Heating and Cooling, we stock a number of different heating systems that are perfect for warehouse environments. Here is a look at what we have available and how these units can meet your warehouse needs:

Warm Air Heaters

Warm air heating is one of the best ways to heat a warehouse. These heaters expel warm air out of ducts and vents in the same way as an air conditioning unit, with the air temperature being dictated by simple controls. What makes warm air heating systems perfect for a warehouse environment is that they distribute the warm air evenly throughout the space, leaving no cold spots.

There are many makes and models of warm air heaters to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the right one for your business. At Heritage Heating and Cooling, a couple of our favourite brands are Benson and Powrmatic. These heaters are industry-leading brands with high-quality specifications and capabilities, such as reduced fuel usage, a variety of outputs and two-year parts and warranties.

Warm Air Heater from Benson Warm Air Heater from Powrmatic




Suspended Heaters

Suspended heaters require minimal space, making them a fantastic way of fitting a powerful and reliable heating system into a warehouse where regulations might forbid floor standing heaters or where floor space is limited. They are designed for versatility, with the option of room-sealed or open-flue installation. At Heritage, we offer both suspended gas heaters and suspended oil heaters.

Industrial gas heaters are easy to maintain and operate with rear or top air flue spigots. Suspended oil heaters are a great investment for any commercial or industrial premises, as they are an efficient way to heat a large space, and certain models are bio-fuel compatible.

Suspended Heater from Powrmatic Suspended Heater from Benson



Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters are great for warehouses where space isn’t at a premium. There is a vast range of cabinet heaters, but the ones that are ideal for warehouse spaces are floor standing cabinets. They are available in gas or oil, vertical or horizontal, internal, external and even room-sealed options. Their versatility makes them incredibly useful in the workplace; they are also easier to maintain, as access is granted at any time. At Heritage, we stock cabinet heaters constructed from top-quality materials for a longer lifespan and provide only the most reliable brands of cabinet heater: Benson and Powrmatic.

Benson cabinet heaters are famous for coming with a highly efficient four-pass heat exchanger, an innovation that provides a cost-effective heating service. They are also equipped with systems such as SmartCom, a fantastic time and temperature control solution that also brings added password protection with it, so your heating levels can be relied upon to be consistent.

Cabinet Heater from Benson Cabinet Heater from Powrmatic




Radiant Heating

Radiant heating options, such as suspended radiant tubes and radiant plaque heaters, are designed for use within environments such as warehouses, where doors need to be opened frequently or left open for extended periods of time. They offer a solution to these issues, wasting far less energy than traditional alternatives.

They work by emitting infrared radiation from the hot surface of the heater. Unlike warm air heaters, they do not heat the air but rather objects and people. This means that energy is not wasted heating up air that will then flow out of a building. Radiant heaters provide instant warmth and their design and versatility ensure many additional benefits, such as being able to mount them to the ceiling to save on floor space.

PT Gas Fired Radiant Tube Heaters

Radiant Plaque Heaters









At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we have a range of makes and models for all of these industrial heating options, perfect for warehouse environments. We know that all businesses require different solutions, and our staff are on hand to help find the perfect heating system for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you find the ideal heating solution for your warehouse.

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