Which Heater is the Best Option for Your Factory?

July 30 2020

James Patten


When it comes to heating your factory there are plenty of options to choose from. Different kinds of heaters offer various benefits and advantages for heating up a factory floor. With all that ample open space, you need a heating system that will heat evenly and spread the warmth throughout large areas without creating cold spots.

Sufficient heating is essential in the workplace, as it keeps your employees comfortable and promotes productivity. Here are some of the factory heating options that we offer at Heritage Heating and Cooling.

Warm Air Heating Systems

Factories tend to have high ceilings and wide-open spaces, and warm air heating systems are great for facilitating these kinds of spaces. Where radiators and boilers are not ideal, warm air heating systems are essential. They work by expelling warm air through ducts and out of vents in the same way that air conditioners do with cool air, and most models are controlled with a gas burner. The warm air is circulated by a fan to ensure a consistent temperature that gets distributed evenly throughout the space.

They can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on a wall, or even stood on a floor, making them very versatile depending on your factory requirements. The key to these heaters is to ensure the air is free to travel, so they eliminate cold spots, which makes them perfect for factory layouts where there are no obstructions. If the design of your factory is not ideal, you can have multiple warm air heating systems strategically placed to ensure even coverage throughout the entire space.

Warm Air Heater from Benson

Industrial Oil Heaters

Suspended oil heaters are great for industrial premises like factories; they are perfect for heating large areas. They require minimal space as they hang from the ceiling, making them ideal for factories where floor space is minimal or if you want your heating equipment tucked away and not hampering walkways.

These high-efficiency heaters are fitted with fans to allow warmed air to discharge into a space. They are compact and are designed for long operational life with minimal resistance to airflow through the unit. With high thermal efficiency and low running costs, they are easy to control and will provide even heating throughout your factory.

Cabinet Heaters

Cabinet heaters are great for factory floors where space isn’t a premium. There are a vast range of models to choose from, but the ideal choice for factory spaces are floor standing cabinets. They are available in oil or gas, vertical or horizontal and even come on room-sealed options. Their versatility makes them very useful in factory environments; they are also easy to maintain and tend to have a long life span.

Cabinet Heater from Powrmatic

Industrial Gas Heaters

Similar to industrial oil heaters, suspended gas heaters require minimal space and are a great way of heating a factory or warehouse. Their design flexibility also offers the options of room sealed or open flue installation. These heaters are easy to maintain and operate with rear or top air flue spigots. Gas heaters discharge warm air in two opposing directions to enhance distribution and provide both heating and de-stratification.

Powrmatic NVx Duo Bi-Directional Gas Unit Heater

Industrial Radiant Heating System

An alternative to heating your factory is to use a radiant heating system. These radiant plaque heaters don’t heat the air directly like other models of heaters, but instead they produce infrared heat that directly warms surfaces, people and objects in its path. These heaters create a more all-round warmth, rapidly and with a lower running cost than other heaters.

They are limited in that they need to be directly over an area to provide warmth, and tall structures inside the factory may block out the heat source. However, they are great options for areas frequently open to outside air, such as a loading bay; the warmth won’t blow away as radiant heating systems don’t rely on air circulation. Just make sure that these heaters are not being obstructed by objects blocking out the heat.

PT Gas Fired Radiant Tube Heaters

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, we provide industrial grade, flexible and effective heating solutions for businesses and commercial buildings. Our high-quality industrial heating systems are perfect for factory environments, and we install top-quality heating brands like Benson, Powrmatic and Combat.

We understand the difficulties of high-quality and efficient heating solutions for factory environments, such as trying to maintain a constant temperature in an ample industrial space. You may require a complicated heating system where different areas of your factory require different temperatures; we can also help provide a solution for this.

To find out more about how Heritage Heating and Cooling can help you find a complete factory heating solution, contact us today.

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