What to Consider When Buying Evaporative Cooling Systems

May 15 2017

James Patten


As a popular cooling choice, evaporative cooling is one of the best options for industrial and commercial properties. This natural air cooling method provides your business with a cost-efficient measure to ensure that the environment and the temperature are controlled to your requirements.

Naturally humidifying the air, evaporative cooling systems also guarantee that your employees have a work environment with decreased chance of dry air symptoms such as dry skin, dry eyes, or dry throat.

If you’re still indecisive about whether these systems are ideal for your business, here are a few facts about evaporative cooling:



When it comes to evaporative cooling systems, it’s vital to ensure that your unit is serviced and maintained at least twice a year. The first servicing should be just before the cooling season and, if you live in warmer areas, midway during summer to ensure that your unit is working at its best capacity. This is particularly important if you own a property that requires temperatures to be constantly stable, as it ensures that issues are fixed before they worsen.


As a simple and effective cooling method, evaporative cooling is the ideal choice to cool down indoor spaces effectively. As a natural cooling process, it rejuvenates the air that circulates in the environment inside the building. This allows for a cooler temperature of approximately four to six degrees lower than the temperature outside.

As these units draw in hot air, they allow for you to ensure that your building is cooled down during the warmest times of the day.


Unit Size

Depending on the size of your building, you might require bigger evaporative cooling units. A smaller unit for a bigger building will have to work harder in order to cool the environment, which will waste energy and raise your bills at the end of the month.

The amount of fresh air cycled per minute through the environment can be easily calculated in order to determine the size of unit that best suits your building. The square feet of the space to be cooled is multiplied by the ceiling height in feet, and the result is then divided by two.



Evaporative cooling units are highly efficient due to utilising a more natural way of cooling the environment. These systems can be approximately 50% more efficient that traditional cooling systems. And, unlike other traditional systems, evaporative cooling doesn’t require the use of refrigerants to cool the air.

Utilising only air motion and water, you are guaranteed a system that allows you to be more environmentally conscious, which translates to an increase in reputation and assurance of law adherence. Both investors and clients will be looking to your business’s carbon footprint, a concern that has risen exponentially in the past years.

At Heritage Heating and Cooling, our experts can install, repair, and maintain your evaporative cooling system.  

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