What is Warm Air Heating?

April 4 2016

James Patten


Warm air heating is one of two ways of heating a warehouse, the other being radiant heating. Warm air heating is generally a very efficient option for warehouses, especially ones with high racking. The heaters work by blowing warm air into the environment that needs heating, projecting warmth that fills the room.

Here at Heritage Heating we offer several options for you to heat your warehouse, each fit for your individual needs. Our warm air heaters will be particularly effective in insulated properties, ensuring that not only your property can be cooled down if necessary, but also warmed up if your business requires it.

Some of these units offer a duality that will allow you to not only cool down your business in the summer, but also heat it in the winter. If you work with different products and are looking for a flexible unit, split units enable flexible control of temperatures, as you can lower it or raise it depending on your needs. They are also suitable for different types of businesses like greenhouses, factories, showrooms, and workshops.

Warehouse freezer door covered in frost and ice


The Advantages

Using these heaters in your building will allow for a smoothly run business. They are cost effective to install, as they are fuel efficient. The air will warm up more quickly when you turn the heater on, ensuring that the room temperature goes up; technological advances have ensured quiet operation of the heaters, and the fans make very little noise.


Suspended Condensing Gas Heater

These heaters are efficient and cost effective for heating and ventilating industrial buildings. They emit less carbon and use less fuel than other models, either with Natural Gas or LPG propane. They save space by being mounted on walls, and are compliant with both current building regulations and the UK capital allowance scheme.


Suspended Gas Heater

Similar to the Suspended Condensation Gas heater, the suspended gas heater saves space by being mounted on the wall due to its design. There are Standard, Hi-Lo, or modulating burner options, which ensure lower running costs and lower carbon emissions. Our Suspended Gas Unit is available in outputs from 12kW to 144kW.

Bi-Directional Gas Heater

Bi-Directional heaters distribute heat in opposing directions; they have on/off, Hi-Lo, and modulated heat outputs, available in 12kW, 90kW, and 140kW.Like with suspended gas heaters, a bi-directional gas heater will also use Natural Gas or LPG propane as fuel.

As industrial heating and cooling installation experts, here at Heritage Heating we ensure our engineers are highly-skilled and trained, to provide your business with the best possible service with the minimal downtime of your equipment. If you need more information about our products and services, you can contact us on 01509 814 123, or visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages to keep up to date with our latest news.


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