Training Day at Bury St Edmunds

March 27 2017

James Patten


Bury St Edmunds is a town that is situated in the county of Suffolk, roughly 23 miles north-west of Ipswich. This may seem far from where Heritage Heating and Cooling is based – nearly 120 miles to be exact – but not too far for the Heritage Team.

On March 7th 2017, the Heritage Heating and Cooling team travelled the 120 miles to Bury St Edmunds to visit a company that specialise in quality evaporative cooling systems so that they could gain the knowledge and expertise of their products. The company itself are known as EcoCooling, and here is what you need to know about them.

Who is EcoCooling?

EcoCooling is a company that focuses on manufacturing evaporative cooling systems for various sectors, such as the pharmaceutical, warehousing, and industrial sectors. Evaporative cooling systems are one of the most efficient cooling systems that are available on the market.

Because they operate with no refrigerants, it means that they are a more environmentally friendly alternative to refrigeration cooling systems. They also use less than half of the energy it takes to boil a kettle, making it incredibly effective for entire buildings and large indoor spaces.

Why Did We Visit EcoCooling?

The Heritage Heating staff travelled to Bury St Edmunds for a sales day at the EcoCooling headquarters. The day consisted of training, as well as a product update day, which was incredibly informative.

Heritage Heating at EcoCooling in Bury St Edmunds

The information that we gathered at the manufacturing site has enabled us to fully understand the processes and techniques that go into creating a truly effective evaporative cooling system, and we are excited to share our knowledge with our clients.

We’d like to say thank you very much to everyone at EcoCooling for being so accommodating to us, and thank you for sharing your vast wealth of knowledge with us. Make sure to take a look at our blog for the latest news and updates here at Heritage Heating and Cooling.

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