Top Tips on Keeping Your Employees Happy at Work

August 4 2015

James Patten


For employees to work their hardest, they need to feel motivated and happy whilst at work. In fact, every employer knows that the best work always comes from a happy workforce. Those with job satisfaction are generally thought of as being more engaged and a lot more productive.

To ensure that your employees are happy and that productivity is at its all time best, you should abide by our following top tips.

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Recognise when your employees are making progress with their work

A lot of employers congratulate the people who constantly do well in their job, and always reach the highest targets. Whilst this is a good thing, they often forget to give recognition to those who make progress in their work – even if it’s not making the most money. It’s encouraging to congratulate those who have improved in their work, as this makes them want to work even harder. By simply thanking employees, you are letting them know that they are appreciated.

Encourage your employees to have fun whilst at work

Work isn’t a playground and it’s important that your employees know that they are there to work and work towards specific targets and goals. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy being at work. If you work in an office, let employees talk whilst they work – great ideas are shared through allowing communication.


Make sure they are working in comfortable working conditions

A comfortable working environment is extremely important when it comes to making sure that your employees are happy. This includes factors such as comfortable seating, adequate break areas, good lighting and effective ventilation. People need to be happy in the environment that they work in, otherwise you’ll find that sickness and days off become a lot higher than they should be.

It’s also important your workplace is able to cope with all weather conditions. There should be a warm air heating system in place for the winter, and good air conditioning for when it’s warm and humid.

Organise out of work trips and socials

Reward your staff for their hard work by taking them out for a fun outing outside of work. You could take them for a meal, or organise a bowling trip – anything that they would enjoy, and that encourages them to mix with people who they wouldn’t normally speak to. You’ll be surprised at how well this can boost productivity when back in the office.

It doesn’t always have to mean spending a lot of money – put together a sports team and encourage people to take part.

Have an open communication policy

Do your employees have good ideas? Encourage them to always share ideas that they have and make it clear that you are always listening and considering what they are suggesting. A boss who constantly shuts people down, or refuses to listen to staff input, will end up with an office or work place full of unhappy staff. This means that productivity will be low as people will be inclined to keep creative ideas to themselves.

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If you follow all of our top tips, we guarantee that your work will be a much happier place. Just remember; a happy employee is a productive employee!

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