The Benefits of Suspended Heaters

April 7 2016

James Patten


Warm air heating is an efficient way of heating your business, regardless of whether you run a warehouse, a shop, a factory, or a greenhouse. They provide you with design flexibility with room sealed or open flue installations, and are cost effective for both commercial and industrial buildings. They can take up valuable space, though, especially if your business is small.

Suspended air heating units are convenient to install, since they can be placed and positioned where they best fit your needs; you can suspend them from your warehouse if you need to. Suspended heaters come with both oil and gas fuels as options and they both have their separate advantages.

Factory background with concrete floor, night scence.

Oil Heater

Oil heaters are a clean solution; they produce low emissions and technology is making progress with environmentally friendly oil blends. The fuel has an increasingly lower amount of sulphur that, mixed with bio fuels, makes for a cleaner option.

It’s also a safe option, as it doesn’t catch fire until it reaches a temperature of 140˚C when it vaporises. If you dropped a lit match into heating oil it wouldn’t ignite; it would be like throwing it in water and the flame would extinguish quickly.

Our units are installation friendly, with a compact design, a stainless steel combustion chamber exchanger, Riello burners, and 28 and 35 second fuel options.

There are axial fan options for freeblowing applications that release warm air into the heated space through adjustable horizontal grills. There are also centrifugal fan options for ducted applications, which are close-coupled to the heater casing.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters are a convenient heating source easily controlled, and cost effective. Gas burns without leaving any smell behind, instantly heating a room with precise results. Due to being lighter than air, it dissipates when there is a leakage, which prevents possible explosions or inhalations.

Our suspended gas heaters have the advantage of being designed with reduced emissions in mind. They are compact models with downflow and bi-directional heating options, a horizontal wall exit flue discharge, fan assisted flue capable of being room sealed, interchangeable top or rear flue spigot positions, and centrifugal fan options.

All of our models respect and meet both current building regulations and the UK capital allowance scheme, to ensure that your business runs smoothly. If you want a suspended heater for your business, or any other kind of heating or cooling unit, contact us on 01509 814 123. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ where we keep you updated about our news and products.

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