Sunshine, Lollypops and Sizzling British Temperatures

June 17 2015

James Patten


You may be surprised to know that our little island- is notoriously known for being drizzly, cold and dull. It’s a standing joke that, as a nation, we have a very dry sense of humour and a general attitude of ‘it’s okay at the minute, but just you wait…’ However, there are reasons why we supply Powermatic coolers for you and your business.

As we’ve taken a look at the Hottest Countries in the World and the Hottest Recorded Temperatures, we’ve come to realise that we’ve neglected to observe and report on the staggering, unexpected sizzlers we’ve experienced in the UK.

In 1976, Britain saw one of its hottest recorded summers since records began! If you were unfortunate enough to live in the Cheltenham area, you may recall that the sizzling heat reached over 37.1C for sixteen days straight while some places were forced to undergo 45 days without any rain. The call to arms for saving water was in full force, with the general public being urged to take showers rather than baths and to share tap water!




However, in 2003 the south ast of the country experienced the hottest temperatures on record. In Kent, temperatures soared up to 38.5C (100.11F) in the middle of the afternoon, topping what people hoped would be the hottest temperatures that morning. The sudden spike in temperature had our cold loving nation at a panic. If you can remember that Sunday afternoon, were you one of the people racing to the beaches to soak up some much needed vitamin D, or were you flaking in your gardens with ice buckets and your fans cranked right up?


Woman Drinking Water


Though since then our temperatures haven’t reached the same heights, by our standards it still doesn’t seem that our sunshine is going to be letting up on us anytime soon. This year it’s estimated that our summer could reach up into the high 20C again, competing beautifully with the sizzling summer of 2014. We hope you have your summer clothes at the ready!


Woman Cooling Herself


Did you know that it doesn’t just have to be bright and sunny for the weather to set a heat trap on us either? Being a generally cloudy country, when we have had sunny weather, our clouds do a marvellous job of trapping the heat, creating a hot humid climate we know your plants may adore but you… not so much. It’s the humid weather that can take us by surprise; an overcast day generally indicates a cold morning or an impending downfall of icy cold northern rain, so you don’t expect to walk to work in your raincoat and over-heat halfway there. You also don’t expect to have to switch on your desk fans or rush to the ice box during your breaks to find some kind of relief from the heat. The truth is, especially when you’re working all day, even in Britain you need some method of keeping yourself cool this summer.


Exhausted construction worker


Because we’re based in Leicestershire, we know all about just how sudden and unexpected the British weather can be. Supplying Powermatic heating and cooling systems is one of our specialities and we’re very proud of the relief and satisfaction they can give our customers. Though we’re sorry to say we can’t magically change the weather for you, we can supply you and your business with the very best cooling systems to help stop you from melting in the upcoming heat. At least then you’ll be able to work in comfort and, even if you have walked a mile to get to work, you can cool off indoors, away from that blistering sunshine.

So if you’d like to survive this summer’s heat wave, contact us on 01509 814 123 and see what kind of Powermatic cooling system we can offer you.

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