5 Reasons to Choose Warm Air Units

January 2 2019

James Patten


If you own a business in the UK, ensuring that your place of work is sufficiently warm is essential. Not only is it a legal requirement, but workers who feel cold will suffer from lapses in concentration and will be unable to work efficiently, and this could even be potentially dangerous for workers in hazardous environments.

When it comes to heating commercial buildings, there are a number of options to choose from. However, in premises where heating via boilers or radiators is not the norm, warm air heaters can be relied upon to provide sufficient heating. These heaters expel air through ducts and vents in the same way as an air conditioning system, warming the environment with air set to your preferred temperature. Here are just five benefits of investing in this type of heating system for your business:

Even Air Distribution

Unlike other forms of heating, this type of heater allows for efficient and even distribution of warm air across the entire space of the room or area you are heating, leaving no cold spots. Models such as VRA heaters are fitted with axial fans, which discharge warm air in two opposing directions to enhance the distribution of warm air. The air flow of warm air units reduces ‘hot spots’ which are associated with radiant heating systems. The range of outputs and heat distribution options allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to positioning the system for optimal heat distribution in a space.

Fuel Efficient

They are much more fuel-efficient and produce reduced levels of emissions compared to other types of heating systems. Aside from the environmental benefits, you also stand to save money switching to this type of heating system, as some can incur running costs as much as 18% lower than other types of heating systems.

Ease of Use

Modern heating systems have electronic controls that deliver a stable temperature, giving complete control over the heating of the space. Models such as the Benson gas fired unit heaters have a range of SmartCom control panels available, allowing for user-friendly programming, various setting options including day and night settings, password protection and battery backup.

Quick to Warm Space

Warm air heating systems work fast. They reach and maintain temperature quickly and the heated air flows into the entire space more quickly than a traditional radiator could heat up a room. Additionally, any adjustments made to the temperature controls will be quickly implemented by the system, so your workers won’t have to deal with any insufficient temperatures for too long, as the system adjusts to the ideal temperature.

Quiet Heating

Another advantage that these heaters have over other forms of heating is their near silent operation. They are typically much quieter, and this can be essential in the work place, where noisy heating systems can be distracting to workers. Once upon a time, noisy furnaces were considered the norm, but now there are a multitude of heating options available, and you no longer have to put up with loud, distracting systems.

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Our heating systems are guaranteed to meet your specific requirements with ease and efficiency; the chosen brands we supply such as Benson heaters and Powrmatic heaters are built to last, boasting top-quality specifications and capabilities. For all of your industrial heating needs, contact us today.

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