5 Reasons to Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

March 20 2019

James Patten


Most of today’s HVAC systems have filters to ensure that the air they circulate is as clean as possible. However, some particles such as pollen, dust and other debris can still get through and this can cause issues to how your heater or air conditioner functions.

HVAC System

The air ducts are essentially the passages within the system that allow warm and/or cool air to go through the vents to circulate around the space. As such, they are one method of ensuring that the indoor air quality is sufficient. Here are just some of the reasons why air ducts need to be kept clean:

Mould Growth

If any moisture gets into your system, mould can start to grow and mould spores may end up being released from the system into the air that gets circulated. This can be potentially dangerous for people in the building breathing in this unclean air. Use a torch and look inside the vents for any sign of mould, you may also be able to detect a mouldy smell coming from it. If there’s mould, there is moisture, and this could be the result of a leak. It’s important to get this issue fixed as soon as possible, aside from creating unclean air, the system could become damaged by moisture.


Aside from dirty air being generally unhealthy to breathe in, certain moulds or bacteria could cause allergic reactions for people who breathe it in. Children are particularly vulnerable to this and dirty air ducts could potentially cause them to develop asthma. If you run a business that caters to children and families, you should endeavour to ensure that the air ducts in your HVAC system are cleaned regularly to prevent this possibility. 


If there is dust trapped in the air ducts of a HVAC system, it will continually circulate throughout the space until the ducts are effectively cleaned. The problem can also be exasperated if the building has recently undergone any construction work, which can increase the quantity of dust that becomes trapped in the ducts. If dust is circulating in the air then people will be breathing it in, which creates a very unhealthy work environment.

Dusty Air Conditioning Unit

Loss of Efficiency

Aside from circulating unclean air, ducts that are ridden with dust and mould will not work efficiently. Over time, the build up of dust and debris will mean that your system will have to labour to push the air through the vents. This can cause wear and tear to the system, as well as force it to work harder to achieve the temperature you’ve set it to. You could experience a spike in your energy bill as the system tries to work to meet your temperature requirements. If the air cannot travel freely your system won’t be working as it should, and in extreme cases your system might even malfunction or break down. In the long run, getting your air ducts clean will be a lot more cost effective than potentially escalating energy bills or replacing the system altogether.

Improved Air Quality

Studies have shown that poor air quality can have serious negative effects on people’s overall health. By having the air ducts regularly cleaned, you will be able to rid your system of the build up of dust, hair and any other debris that is causing the system to work inefficiently and/or circulate bacteria ridden air. Not only will cleaning out the ducts help to maintain the longevity of the system, but it will keep the indoor air quality as clean as possible.

Experts recommend getting your air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years. However, this can depend on a number of factors such as the nature of the building the system resides in. If you own a factory or warehouse that produces a lot of dust as a result of manufacturing operations, you may want to consider having the air ducts cleaned more frequently to combat the dust building up. If you have employees who suffer from allergies, asthma or any other respiratory issues, this could be another reason to get the ducts clean more regularly, such as every year or every two years.

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