Managing Your Heating Efficiently

October 6 2014

James Patten


With energy bills forming a large part of your overheads, it is important to ensure that everything in your business is run efficiently to keep costs down. Heating is, of course, one aspect that you need to consider – increasingly so, with autumn here and winter on the horizon.

Usage Times

Unless your business is operating 24 hours a day, your heating should not need to; not only is it unnecessary to heat an empty building, but it will also waste a lot of energy. However, you don’t want to have your employees arriving at work in the morning to a freezing building – this will lead to wasted time in the morning as they warm up. One option is to have your heating system set to start up before the working day does, reaching an optimum heat just in time for the arrival of your employees. Another option is to use radiant heating systems, which will warm the people and surfaces rather than the air, and offer instant warmth.

Optimum Temperatures

Controlling the heating system properly is important; if your thermostat is constantly adjusted to different temperatures the heating will not be able to operate at full efficiency, and energy will be wasted. While there will always be some people in the workplace who are warmer or colder than others, finding an optimum temperature that suits the majority allows you to run your heating efficiently without wasting energy. Siting your thermostat correctly will help to ensure maximum comfort.

Managing Ventilation

If your heating is running, you should naturally avoid having windows and doors open wherever possible, otherwise the energy you expend heating the property literally goes straight out through the opening. Obviously, in many businesses this is not possible; shops frequently keep doors open for customers, and warehouses may need to have employees or equipment coming and going throughout the day. Take action to prevent these draughts by using warm air curtains or physical solutions like PVC strip curtains.

When you come to us here at Heritage Heating & Cooling for your commercial or industrial heating solution, we’ll send one of our highly qualified engineers to your site to recommend the most suitable system for your needs. With well-known and reliable brands such as Powrmatic, we can provide you with a reliable and efficient system to see you through not only this winter, but many more to come. For more information, please contact us on 01509 814 123 today.

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