How To Keep Your Air Conditioning Properly Maintained

July 13 2022

James Patten


Whether at home or at work, air conditioning units are great to have in your building. There are numerous benefits this product offers and – as well as heating system maintenance – it’s important to keep air conditioning products maintained, and to check if any repairs are required.

At Heritage Heating, we are specialists in both commercial heating and air conditioning systems. When providing you with our high-quality products, we feel it’s important to make sure you know how to take care of them. That way, not only will you get the best performance out of your unit, you will also ensure your unit has the longest lifespan it possibly can.

Keeping an air conditioning unit properly maintained is also to make sure it’s running at it most fuel efficient – something that’s becoming ever more vital with energy prices on the rise.

So, how exactly do you maintain your air conditioning and keep it in superb condition?

Clean and replace filters

An important step in ensuring the efficiency of your air conditioner is routinely cleaning or replacing its filters. The filters in an air conditioning unit are there to ensure that the quality of the air being pumped out is tip top. As such, they can sometimes become clogged, significantly reducing a system’s energy by obstructing the airflow. With the normal airflow obstructed, air that passes the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil, impairing the heat-absorbing capacity.

In warmer seasons, you should clean or replace dirty filters every month or two. This can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by a staggering 5% to 15% – saving your unit’s efficiency and saving you precious pennies.

Clean and check evaporator and condenser coil

Unlike the filters, the evaporator and condenser coils often seem to get forgotten about. But they’re an important part of any air conditioning unit and should be looked after to ensure your unit keeps performing at optimum level.

The coils can gather dust and dirt over time, resulting in the reduction of airflow and insulating the coil – reducing its ability to absorb heat. Ideally, you should change the coils in your unit every year and clean it as regularly as you can.

You should also pay attention to the aluminium fins on your unit’s coils, as these are easily bent and can block airflow through the coil. By using a handy gadget called a fin comb, you can comb the coil fins back into their original position and free up the air flow again.

Clean the condensate drain

Every air conditioner has a condensate drain line, which runs from the indoor unit itself to the outside of the building. Typically, a condensate drain will be made using a PVC or metal pipe, and the end of the line will be visible outside.

The condensate drain line provides an outlet for the condensation created by an air conditioner’s evaporator coils. During hot weather, you should see plenty of water dripping from the condensate drain – if not, the drain is clogged and needs cleaning.

It is essential to clean your condensate drain line regularly, especially during hotter months. A clogged condensate drain will result in excess moisture with nowhere to escape to, creating a musty, damp smell and potential water damage to the area surrounding the unit.

A good way to keep your condensate drain line clean is to flush it with vinegar solution or warm water around once every three months. You can also occasionally pass a stiff wire through the unit’s drain channels.

Turn the unit off when it’s not needed

Modern air conditioning units – such as ours – provide both heating and cooling, meaning they are perfect for use all year-round. As a result, they can quite often spend a great deal of the year left on even when they’re not being used.

It is better to keep your air conditioning unit turned off when not in use, reducing the time it spends functioning and increasing its lifespan. It also prevents adding an unnecessary extra expense to your electricity bill, saving you money and preserving your air conditioning’s functionality at the same time – a winning combo.

Keep on top of your air conditioning’s maintenance all year round

When it comes to getting your air conditioning maintained, the end of summer is the perfect time for a tune up: there are still warm days to come, and you can repair any damage caused by its constant use over summer.

High quality air conditioning units like ours provide both heating and cooling, so the end of summer is an ideal time to ensure they are properly maintained. In addition to being ready for those warm days still ahead, end of summer maintenance guarantees that – when you need it to warm you up over winter and cool you down again next year – your air conditioning unit will still be working efficiently.

Quickly deal with repairs

If your air conditioning unit needs maintenance, it’s best to get it dealt with sooner rather than later. Signs your air conditioning unit is in need of repair include:

  • the cooling or heating functions not working as effectively as they should
  • a weak and restricted air flow
  • damp or musty smells coming from the unit
  • an unexplained rise in your electricity bill
  • signs of water damage or leaking around the unit

If any of these occur, your air conditioning unit needs servicing as soon as possible – and Heritage Heating and Cooling are here to help. We provide repairs and maintenance for heating and air conditioning throughout the UK, ensuring our customers are happy with their unit. We want you to get the same benefits from your air conditioning today as you did when it was first installed.

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